Wednesday 18 May 2011

Laura Mercier Riviera eye colour palette

I don’t often see a lot of hype about Laura Mericer colour collections, its as if they creep out, I’ll walk pass the counter and notice a quiet new little display.
The sea wave texture of the Riviera quad (£31) immediately caught my eye, a seemingly cool toned palette, yet with a warm sand, I was interested to see how the contrast of a warm against 3 cools would work.
All shades have great pigmentation are smooth and silky and have a satin finish.
The quad contains a white, moody grey blue, warm sand (this veers towards orange on me) and rich navy (this contains a touch of blue sparkle).

The stripes are quite slim so its best to use a small brush head if you want to avoid picking up more than one colour.
Although I really like this quad, the warmer shade is a challenge for me so I do tend to mix it with the white to subdue it. However, I do think that if you are darker than me or warm toned you won’t get the orange hue that I do.

Overall I think this is a good quality, versatile little quad and its something a little bit different from the other collections being launched at the moment.

I bought this from John Lewis.


  1. That's very pretty! I've been wanting to try the Laura Mericer concealer, do you own it? :)

  2. oh now this is wow! Right up my street and love the look you've done with it!

  3. That looks great on you, especially in the second shot. Very nice!

  4. You can wear blues better than anyone! I love that on you!

  5. Love the different looks you did with this! I love the design of this palette and the pigmentation looks great! :)

  6. Very pretty! Laura Mercier is my favourite beauty brand, hands down, so it's nice seeing the new collection covered :) xx

  7. You blended that beautifully! I don't think I have ever seen a full-on shot of your irises, but it looks like your eyes might be blue, so orange *should* work, given the color wheel and all--at least that's what the MAC muas say every time I go into the store and they push Rule on me. (No, I do not want two eyes like giant jack-o-lanterns.) I almost bought Riviera, because I was taken in by the cool serenity of it, but I assumed the sandy color would be the dealbreaker. I think it looks lovely on you.

  8. I just noticed this weirdo blog has been stealing a lot of your posts:

    She's been stealing from The Beauty Look Book as well. Not sure what can be done but I'll help spread the word.

  9. That's a pretty palette. I really like that dark navy colour. I'm pretty sure the warm sand would go orange on me too. I love how you combine colours, I know I would just avoid using it (like that YSL Icy Blue)!
    Jane x

  10. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I have had the under eye and face concealer from LM, the under eye one creased on me but otherwise I liked it and the face one, whilst very good coverage is rather drying.

    Hi Charlie,
    Thanks :) I think this would really suit you and you'd wear the warmer shade better than me :)

    Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup,
    Thank you :)

    Hi Jeanie,
    Thank you, I'm never sure if blues are the best on me but I always seem to end up buying them ;) x

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Thank you. It is a pretty looking palette. Its a lot more pigmented than I was expecting x

    Hi LauraF,
    I do find myself buying more LM since a counter moved near me, I keep meaning to check out their gel lip colours :)

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Thank you, my eyes are blue but I usually avoid orange as it can make me look strange and ill, LOL at the thought of you with giant jack-o-lanterns ;)

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much for letting me know, I can't understand the stupidity of stealing posts from other blogs, my computer blocks that site but I looked on twitter for her and can see she is stealing from everyone. I'm not sure what to do other than watermark my stuff more or be over dramatic and take my whole blog down! You do have to wonder about some people. Thanks again for letting me know x

    Hi Jane,
    Thank you ;) I do think you would really like the blues but would have the same issues as me with the warmer colour.
    Have you checked out the Dior and Chanel summer yet?

  11. Sorry to be so late for the party :)
    You really do wear blue better than anyone I know! It suits you so well and it's a welcome break from the (otherwise well-loved and favourite) neutrals. Needless to say that I have fallen in love with the warm sand colour which would be perfect with my colouring ∗sigh∗
    Have a great weekend hon!
    Nina x

  12. Hi Nina,
    Thank you so much ;)
    So I just need to somehow prise out the warm shade for you :)
    I'm hoping to check out the Chanel summer this weekend, I think I'll either end up with one thing or a lot! x

  13. Oh, speaking of the Chanel collection, I did pick up the bronzer (Bronze Rose -the lighter shade), the Rose Platine eyeliner, which I just love on the lower lashline and the Aurore Glossimer...I'm a sucker for Glossimers, although they do tend to be on the sticky side.
    The bronzer is a really pretty bronzer/blush on my NC25-ish skin and the shimmer translates to a discrete and flattering sheen...very nice indeed.


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