Wednesday 20 June 2012

Omorovicza correcting pencil

The correcting pencil (£18) is meant to give a "fresh and healthy looking complexion all day long" and help reduce "imperfections, redness and dark circles".

The pencil is very creamy and pigmented and comes with its own sharpener. It applies really smoothly and blends in really well. Though the colour is meant to be a universal shade, I had my doubts initially given how peach it is, however it really does neutralises bluish/purple tones under the eyes and I also found it works well on redness on my face and surprising seems to blend in with my very pale skin.
I use this on any redness around my nose area but predominately under my eyes and on my lower waterline. It lessons the discolouration under the eyes and then I apply my normal concealer (that is more of a skin match) over the top. On the waterline it  looks very natural and brightens up the areas and gets rid of redness and I actually prefer this to my more skin colour waterline pencils.
Pictures below, the first with nothing on, the second with the pencil applied and the third with it blended in.

Swatched L-R: Une skin glow pencil G02,Illamasqua Vow, omorovicza correcting pencil


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  1. Hi! How does Omorovicza ship to Canada? I would like to order from their website, but I'm afraid of massive duties/taxes...

  2. Hi A Girl,
    From their US site its only $8 to ship to Canada or free if you spend over $150, hope that helps :)


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