Sunday 24 March 2013

Harrods Exclusive: Dior My Lady Healthy Glow Complexion Enhancing Palette

Christian Dior is collaborating with Harrods this Spring, the iconic London store is paying tribute to Dior by hosting a Dior take over in the form of pop up shops, exhibitions and exclusive displays. It started on March 16th and runs until 14th April.

What caught my attention was the limited edition make-up range; there is an eye-shadow/lip gloss palette, highlighter,lipstick and two nail varnishes. Today I will show you the My Lady Palette (£48).

The My Lady palette is engraved with the Lady Dior bag's canework motif. The bag was designed for, and named after, Lady Diana.

The compact is very heavy and contains a mirror and is accompanied by a mini kabuki brush.

The powder feels smooth and silky. Though it does not feel as lightweight as the Chanel Healthy Glow Sheer Powder, it does not go on cakey or looking dry. It gives a subtle creamy peach toned glow to the skin (though there is no shimmer, it does contain some very fine silver micro glitter).

Pigment is sheer, so even on my pale skin I am not able to use this as a blush. The effect might well be too subtle for some and had I tried this before buying I am not sure in hindsight, I would have laid down the money, but nevertheless this is a beautiful limited edition piece and it does create a natural illumination/glow to the skin.

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  1. Oh, wow I love the detail on that's beautiful! Why does limited edition make everything sound better? LOL :-) Can't wait to see swatches of that polish!!

    1. Thank you for the re-tweet :)
      I am a sucker for limited edition, I hadn't seen any reviews for the collection so was glad I lucked out with this x

  2. Replica, the face powder looks very pretty its a pity it doesn't show up on you more. Between the Chanel and Dior, which do you prefer?

    1. I'd say the Dior gives a more noticable glow but the Chanel has a better texture.

  3. Replies
    1. It is very pretty to look at, nice collection piece :)

  4. Aww what a pretty product! I love the look of that My Lady palette. It looks so beautiful, but I hope it gives more glow onto your skin :) If only this is available in Singapore..

    xx Meryl


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