Sunday 14 July 2013

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Saga

Released with the Avant-Première collection, Saga (£24) is one of the Coco Shines that is meant to contain 30% more pigment than the original version.

I had previously bought Interlude from the collection which I found not as lightweight and less hydrating compared to the original formula and I have to say the same applies for Saga (is also
highlight dry patches).

It’s not to say there is something inherently wrong with this tweak on the Coco Shines, but they were brought out to be hydrating sheer lipsticks and I can’t quite see the merits of the inclusion of a more pigmented but heavier, less hydrating formula when Chanel already have more opaque formula's in the Rouge Coco and Rouge Allure lines.
In terms of colour, Saga is a warm medium pink, it has a somewhat powdery look about it and lacks the glossy shine of the original formula. Its pretty, though but no means a must have as far as I am concerned.
I'd say I have more hits than misses with Chanel, but this is unfortunately something I'd wished I'd not bought.

I bought this from Boots.


  1. What a strange alteration! I like the Rouge Coco formula because it's so sheer and hydrating. Since my lips are so full, it can be difficult to put on a medium-coverage lipstick -- they tend to make my lips look oddly full. A sheer colour usually softens my lip, whereas a high-pigment colour will kind of narrow them, but a medium-coverage lipstick can't quite make its mind up on me. Thanks for the Chanel update, I wouldn't have known otherwise!

    1. I know, its like why mess with something that works. Looking at the fall release it seems they have two in the normal formula and then two in this more pigmented one, I'll have to find out which is which so that I don't pick up this type again, gah!


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