Saturday 15 February 2014

Beauty Spotlight Round up:15/02/14

Have you been wondering about the em cosmetic line from Michelle Phan? Beauty Info Zone has explored some of the products and wants to share whether em cosmetic’s eye primer is a winner or a wanna be.

Are the new Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers In The Buff, Pink Dune and Summer Fling worthy of all the hype? See whether Helen from Lola's Secret Beauty Blog thinks this is a hit or a miss?

 Ever had one of those buys where it looked so pretty in the container but not so much when applied? Lets have a look at Topaze Dore from the Lancome Spring French Ballerine Collection with Visionary Beauty.

Any Valentine's Day stragglers will want to check out Carrie from eyeliner on a cat's list of her Top 5 cool and covetable Valentine's Day gifts!

Do you find orange lipsticks intimidating? They don't have to be! Mostly Sunny followed Lisa Eldridge's advice and had a blast with Givenchy Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit from the upcoming Miss Interdit Collection!  

The Pink Sith - has six NEW lip glosses that she is in love with, all thanks to Armour Beauty! Who doesn’t love a good Before & After picture? Or even a shoddy, highly unscientific, variably-lit one?

Head to drivel about frivol for Kate’s magical transformation from freckle-face to…er… slightly less freckled…face.

Cindy over at Prime Beauty is smitten with the soft, romantic look from Laura Mercier’s Spring Renaissance Collection and she thinks you will be too.

Makeup Wars bloggers share their favorite foundations! See what Pammy Blogs Beauty picked for her recent foundation favorites!

Christa from Perilously Pale is learning that the Sephora Collection brand is not one to be ignored. These new Rouge Infusion Lip Inks are simply AMAZING and for such a great price.

Missed out on NYFW nail coverage? Jessika from polish insomniac has the full scoop from OPI, Essie, butter LONDON and JinSOON.  

15 Minute Beauty is sharing the items Makeup Artists feel are beauty essentials. Are these in your collection?


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