Saturday 12 September 2009

Armani Eyes To Kill mascara

This retails for £21. Available in four shades, I got shade#1 (Black), although I am tempted by the red one (shade#4) just to see what it would look like on. It comes in a sleek tube and is rather heavy !
Unfortunately I have rather bad lashes,short,very fine and not evenly distributed and kinda droopy, sounds good doesn't it ! Due to this I expect a lot from a Mascara, as I haven't got much to work with. I need length, thickness and curl. On the whole I would say that Armani mascara has always delivered the best results; the only one I wasn't keen on was Maestro. Soft lash is great for a more subtle look and Starlash was my favourite mascara out of every brand I have tried but this has now been discontinued.
I am happy to report that I am rather impressed by Eyes to Kill. It does add length, thickness and lift and I do not get any flaking or smearing at the end of the day. I think the only disadvantage is that if you try to build it you will get it go on clumpy, so luckily I am happy with the look I get from two coats of it, as below
Ideally I would rather spend less on a mascara, but for the last 4 months I have tried to find a cheaper one ( Rimmel, L'Oreal, MAC, Clinique, Boots 17 ) that works for me; instead they have all ended up in the bin and have cost me far more than had I just stuck to high end.
####UPDATE: after about a months use the formula went dry and started to apply really clumpy####


  1. I've never tried any Armarni stuff bu this sounds great - def want to try something from this brand now!

  2. Hi Mizzworthy,
    They have some more colour intense lipsticks coming out in October, which look really promising. I think the only item I'm not keen on are their Maestro eyeshadows as I preferred the old formula.
    Thanks for your comment x

  3. I'm going to Selfridges tomorrow so I'm deffo going to check this out, I usually ignore the Armani stand as I haven't had the best experience there.

  4. Hi Rhamnousia,
    Let me know if you pick anything up :) Thanks for your comment

  5. Mascara looks great.
    You have beautiful eyes.

  6. Hello My Humble Reviews,
    Thanks so much for your kind comment "blushes"
    Thanks for visiting x

  7. anyone know when this will be online? i dont have an armani counter anywhere near me :(

  8. Hello Alexa,
    Are you in the UK ? If so I have never seen Armani cosmetics online here, so its probably best if you phone Selfridges and do a mail order, the Birmingham counter is really helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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