Sunday 6 September 2009

MAC- the perfect cheek and Sharp focus

I had a look at the four MAC collections released this month and only came away with the perfect cheek blusher and sharp focus.
The perfect cheek is a muted mix of matte beige with pink and peach tones, on my complexion this nearly ends up looking a bit dirty if I apply too heavily, but I do really like the shade when I don't want an obvious pink or peach hue. I will say this applies quite sheer so not sure that it would show up too well on those with medium to darker skintones. Just a note that MAC's matte blusher shades I can use but their sheertones ones break me out.
Lastly I got lipstick in Sharp focus, this is labelled as a lustre but is completely not like any lustre I have tried, this does not apply with a lot of slip and is quite dry so you may need to use a balm prior to application. The advantages of it not having the normal lustre qualities is that its a lot more pigmented and lasts a lot longer. The colour is a medium to deep brown plum, this is about as dark as I can go with lip colours. Potentially this could pull quite brown on some so probably best to test first if possible


  1. I'm kind of intrigued by Sharp focus. I should just go back and get it since I've been thinking about it for a while now ;-)

  2. Hi Michelle,
    You follow the same rationale as me, I tend to also give in :) I think if you are happy with its texture it will be a nice shade for fall.
    Thanks for your comment


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