Wednesday 24 November 2010


I consider By Terry a high end/luxury brand, so I was somewhat surprised when they launched the Terrybly collection recently of even more luxurious products with a price to match. I have read more about the naming of the collection and price of it rather than actual reviews, however I am always of the mind set that I would rather have one thing of superior quality/performance, than 2 things that are just average, so this collection did pique my interest.
I wanted to get one of the blushers however emailing SpaceNK for the ingredients was a fruitless task so instead I opted for one of the lipsticks. I chose Plumping Nude as I assumed by the name it would be a wearable shade.
Priced at £30 this is within the realms of what I would normally pay for a lipstick.
Plumping nude is a warm toned deep peachy nude with a hint of rose.
On application the pigment and richness of colour was extremely impressive. Coverage is almost opaque and the colour applies smoothly and lasts well.
The lipstick is meant to volumise, plump and firm (its marketed as an anti ageing lipstick) containing active ingredients that are meant to prevent thinning of the lips. I’ve only had this lipstick for a week so cannot attest to any anti ageing properties.
Here are the ingredients (picture will enlarge):
It feels comfortable on, however I would not say it feels particular moisturising. Please note this does have a fragrance.
The warmth of this shade prevents it from being one of my favourite colours but I am impressed with the length of wear and colour payoff. If someone posts some pictures/swatches of the lipsticks I will likely buy another and if SpaceNK ever get back to me with the ingredients of the blushers and they are ok for my acne prone skin I may well end up with one.
I do wonder if the online based sells of By Terry cosmetics suffers due to the lack of coverage of the brand, I know that I come across very few reviews and I think the majority of people (unlike myself) will not just take a punt on a high end product without seeing swatches, picture or reviews of it first.
I bought this online from SpaceNK.


  1. unfortunately the PR sample blush I was sent came without the box. I also ordered a lipstick with the recent 20% off, but was sent the wrong one. Still waiting to hear from CS if I can exchange it.

  2. Oh Grace, how annoying that it was the wrong lipstick. I really hope they let you exchange it without you ending up out of pocket with postage.

    I have admit to interest in this line but I'm not really tempted. I'm sure I could change my mind with more positive reviews though. The lipstick looks nice but I think they've possibly gone a little overboard with the packaging, maybe? I find the print everywhere a little off putting. I'd have preferred something a little more discrete I think.

    Thank you for taking a punt and sharing your thoughts as always.
    Jane x

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love the look of the packaging and the writing on the lipstick.
    It sucks how expensive it is though.

  4. Undeniably a luxury product. I had a very quick look the other day when I purchased my second pencil/cream eyeshadow during the 20% off.
    I didn't see anything to excite me and, for that price, I really would need to be excited in order to take the plunge. This colour though is very much you, I'm sure you'll enjoy using it...
    It would be very interesting if you could do an update in some time regarding anti anti-ageing benefits!
    Nina x

  5. Oops, early morning comment = not properly awake yet = not making much sense :-)
    Should have mentioned the purchase was of the pencil/cream eyeshadow from byTerry and, obviously, the 20% discount was at SpaceNK
    Ah, well... ;-)

  6. Hi Grace,
    I would have been so annoyed to be sent the wrong one, I hope they get it sorted for you soon, what was the colour you ordered btw ? I'll assume it was a bolder shade than my one ;)

    Hi Jane,
    I think you are right, its definitely a line you need to see more reviews on before taking the splurge, you know me I do like to throw caution to the wind, I am currently contemplating a £90 eye cream so clearly have no sense x

    Hi Funnyfacebeauty,
    I am glad I bought it but the price is a bit hefty, although it doesn’t beat my Tom Ford one, I think that is my limit for a lipstick.

    Hi Nina,
    LOL, I rarely make sense! Do you mean the Ombre Blackstar ones ? If so the thought of them has made me kick myself as I really like the one I have and now feel like I missed out of getting more with the 20% off as I forgot about them, it will probably be ages till they do another 20% off, I’m going to go sulk in the corner.. x

  7. Yup, the Ombre Blackstar is indeed the one I meant. I picked up the gray/black one on the day I met Grace, and loved it so much that I went back for the bronzey one.
    Aaaw, don't sulk, I'm sure some other lovely retailer will do a discount very soon... :-)))

  8. I do love the packaging.... it looks amazing!

  9. Hi Nina,
    Lets hope so as I think I could happily have them all, aren't I greedy! x

    Hello Beauty Addict,
    Yes, I like the little bag it comes in :)

  10. Hi Replica - it's all sorted, I got the Terrific Rouge (bright red). I like it a lot so far. I've spent £30 on lip balms in the past, so...

    Love those Ombre Blackstars by the way, they wear so well.

  11. Hi Grace,

    I'm glad you got the colour you wanted, I wish I could pull off reds like you do!
    I'll have to make a big note somewhere to get more of the Ombre Blackstars if they have another 20% off :)

  12. Hi Replica - sorry to resurrect this post, but I was in SpaceNK looking at these again today, and the only really pink one from the natural (100 shades) is 101, Flirty Rosy. 100 Terrybly Nude is a beige nude, not quite as warm as the 104 Plumping Nude you bought, but definitely beige.

  13. Hi Grace,
    Thanks so much, I'll add Flirty Rosy to my list, I appreciate your opinion as its so difficult choosing shades online you have never seen. Were you tempted by any of the other colours ?

  14. I might have bought 200, Frenetic Vermillion (orange red) ;)

  15. I knew you wouldn't let me down ;) x


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