Sunday 21 November 2010

Laura Mercier Colour Wardrobe Holiday 2010

Part of LM holiday offerings, the Colour Wardrobe gives you a feast of shades. You get eye shadows in (L-R) Chocolate (cool toned shimmery/sparkly cocoa ), Sable (gentle shimmered greyed taupe), Twinkling Star (very sheer sparkly champagne), Stellar (gentle shimmered nude champagne ), Tiger's Eye (sheer sparkly bronze)and Baroque (gentle shimmered warm, peach sand).
The Sequin Eye Colour formula (Twinkling Star and Tiger's eye) do not have good colour payoff and have a harder texture, I found I had to either use a densely packed brush or scrape a bit of the top layer off to get the required application, however the colours are really pretty its just these two require a bit of work.
Swatches are in same order as palette:
You also get three blushers in the top layout, L-R: Spice (warm browny terracotta), Apricot Blossom (delicate peach with a touch of pink) and Lotus (cool toned candy pink ).
All the shades have a slight shimmer. I find that although they layer with ease LM blushers are not pigment intense, this works well for me as I found all three shades wearable.
Swatches are in same order:
In the Bottom Layer you have the lip stains and Lip glaces . I have never tried lip stains before but I am impressed with the coverage and pigmentation and they last quite well, I would definitely re-buy Shy pink.
Top Row: Mulberry (deep berry red), Hibiscus (pink/rose ), Shy Pink (Nude pink), Plum Lip Glaze (sheer plum).
Bottom row: English Rose (warm rose), brick Red (rosy red), Mocha (brown with hint of red) and Naked lip glaze (very light nude/beige).
Here are the ingredients and what the front of the palette looks like:
This cost me £50 and for the amount of product you get and variety of shades I think this is a good buy. It gives classic shades that I think are wearable whether you are cool or warm toned, also worth mentioning is that the 2 brushes that come with it seem to be of good quality. If you don’t already have similar shades this might be a nice addition to your collection.


  1. Oh my god, what an amazing palette!
    Definitely a Christmas must have!
    I would love to try this one as I have never used Laura Mercier's products before and I have read great reviews!
    Thanks so much for the swatching.

  2. That is a lovely palette! I never tried anything from LM yet, although I have seen great reviews about their tinted moisturizer. This palette looks great.

  3. OMG this palette looks amazing!! am loving all the shadows and blushes <3 not the lip colors though :D but this would be soooo convenient for travelling!

  4. You got it! I am soooo jealous now :-)
    I've been drooling over your pics, just so you know lol...It looks beautiful and I'm sure you will get plenty of use out of it!
    Re your problem with Splash: I understand why you're having trouble blending, as they tend to dry really fast (much like P&J eye glosses) and you need to be quick.
    Perhaps if you tried using a flat-ish brush to pick up the colour from the applicator (or using your hand as a palette) and layering, you might get a more even application, either for a wash or for crease shading? That's how I use my Ellis Faas shadows, as any other way produces a patchy and unblendable result on my hooded lids...
    Nina x

  5. A great review and a great palette.
    Last week I just bought the Laura Mercier Eye Colour Sampler and I find that the Sequin eye colours (there are 2 in the palette) are definitelly a bit harder to work with as they are very sparkly and not so smooth, but I think they'd be great for layering over other powder eyeshadows or cream eyeshadows.
    And I agree, these holiday palettes/sets are definitelly a nice introduction to any brand.

  6. I think I mentioned to you that I looked at this briefly before being swooped on! It looks lovely, how do you get the bottom draw open by the way? I was trying to work it out before I was distracted. I'm still tempted, though I'm pretty sure I have colours that are too similar to justify it. I probably should have bought this rather than the Secret Camouflage!! Thanks for the thoughts and swatches x

  7. Looks like a very nice palette but thought the eyeshadow swatches all seemed a little too similar.

  8. That is very pretty and useful- no duds there (at least in my eyes). LM is a good solid line- I met her once at an event- she was lovely. Enjoy it and can't wait to see all the EOTD's you create w it! x jeanie

  9. Hi Catanya,
    It is a really useful palette, I am liking it a lot more than I initially thought I would, lets hope you get it for Christmas!

    Hi ioanna,
    I take it you like it :)

    Hi Beauty Addict,
    It would be a good introduction to the brand I think as you are getting a nice range of colours and product. I didn’t get on with her tinted moisturiser though.

    Hi Jennifer,
    It would make a good travel palette, its not that light weight though, shame you don’t like the lip colours, they have lots of other palettes in the holiday offerings (they come with a mini lip gloss or mascara) so you might find one your prefer.

    Hi Nina,
    Well you know I don’t like to hang about:) Thanks for your advise about splash, I tried that today and it was definitely better, although still a bit patchy round the edges, my mum really likes their liquid shadows so she may well end up with this! Did you buy anything when SpaceNK did that recent 20% off ? x

    Hi Klara,
    Thanks. I did like the look of the eye sampler but wondered how easily brushers would fit in the pans as they did look very tiny! It does seem then than the texture/wear is common place with the Sequin formula then.

    Hi Jane,
    Its not a drawer, like a book I guess, you just lift up the first layer then the other one is underneath, that is a really terrible way to explain it so forgive me! I guess I should have taken a picture of that really. You’ll get what I mean when you get the chance to have a closer look which I’m sure you will x

    Hi Funnyfacebeauty,
    Now you say it, there are two cool toned, two warm toned and two champagne type ones, I wouldn't necessarily say they apply that similar though, but they do complement each other.

    Hi Jeanie,
    That must have been interesting meeting her, I think I would get really shy if I ever meet a makeup brand founder and say something silly. I haven’t always been pleased with my LM purchases to be honest but this is definitely a good buy for me.


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