Sunday 7 November 2010

Le Metier de Beaute: Le Cirque Kaleidoscope Palette

Every time I saw a post or mention of the fall Le Cirque Kaleidoscope, I felt a Pang of jealously. It very rarely happens, but even without seeing this in the flesh I knew this would be perfect for me. My saviour came in the form of Jane from who kindly offered to pick this kit up for me when she went to Selfridges.
From top to bottom we have Flamboyantes (light stone/beige with a subtle opalescent)
Spectacle (mauve toned taupe)
Enrichissant (reddish bronze)
all these three shades have a subtle luminous glow rather than just shimmer.
The last shade is called Dynamique(smokey slightly blued purple)
Couche de Coleurs is the Le Metier de Beaute layering technique. The idea is to layer the colours in the kit from top to bottom. I couldn't get a good picture of my eye look today but I'll do this for you soon as its an interesting technique and I've never thought to use shades like this before.
The soft texture, ease to blend and long wear of the shadows make them a pleasure to use. Even though the reddish bronze shade is one I would normally run away from these just work perfectly together. The colors are complex and create a subtle glowy polished look whilst still maintaining depth and vibrancy.

This palette cost me £65 and I think its a good way to enter into Le Metier De Beaute.

Le Metier is stocked at Liberty and Selfridges and on their online websites, so expect to see a lot more reviews soon.


  1. I'm afraid I'm going to be the next one to fall for this....oh my gawd, you are KILLING ME!

    I love the look of the bronzey tone esp.
    Really, these are a bargain compared to buying the singles(trying to make excuses-lol).

    Can't wait to see how it looks on you. x jeanie

  2. I just saw Jane's post and agree that the colours are very complimentary. I have tested a few items on counter but have yet to purchase anything from this line. The eyeshadows seem like a good size and if you were to buy separately it would probably cost more then £65.

  3. Great swatches as ever hon! I absolutely love using this. I find the technique foolproof and I have the routine down to a T now (base and liquid eyeliner an'all) it hardly takes me more than 10 minutes for the whole thing. Gorgeous.
    And, as Jeanie above said, I can't wait for a FOTD!
    Nina x

    PS lay off the maltesers, you hear? :-)))

  4. I was *so* tempted by this set at Selfridges. The taupes in it are gorgeous. All the eyeshadows are full size, so it is actually a saving on buying 4 singles ;)

  5. Ooh, snap! I posted but évidemment, je suis une muppet because I didn't realise they had individual names. Thank you for enlightening me. I'm really looking forward to your eye look with these eyeshadows :)
    Jane x

  6. I'm curious how they'll look on you as well. I purchased the Devotion palette instead of Le Cirque as it shows up better on my skintone. I think Le Cirque is beautiful though.

  7. Hi Jeanie,
    I think the price is good as they look the same size as the full sized shadows, I'll look forward to seeing if you succumb ;)

    Hi Meeta,
    The colours are a really nice combination and not ones I would have necessarily put together.

    Hi Nina,
    Whats you favourite way to wear the colours ? I'd like to say I will stay away from maltesers but then I don't want to lie to you.. ;) x

    Hi Grace,
    I think this is quite a you palette. I'm very tempted to get one of their lip palettes as well now.

    Hi Jane,
    LOL at the muppet! I really like the look you did, mine may well look quite similar! x

    Hi Joolz,
    I did like the look of the devotion one from what I saw online but I think it would have been too warm for me. I really looking forward to the holiday collection as part of it is meant to be a cooler toned Kaleidoscope.

  8. You know why I haven't commented on this post yet? Pure envy!!!! Are you going to get another Kaleidoscope? That would probably not double, but triple my envy ;)!!! xxx

  9. Hi Anna,
    well just to upsett you even more I can say that I had already ordered some more LMDB, hence why I can't get the Chantecaille palettes this month, and I have one of their lip kits on my christmas list :)


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