Sunday 3 April 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Smooth Eye Colour Quad Nude

The Nude quad (£36.50) contains a matte warm tan, matte dusty mauve, a shimmery peach and a shimmery aubergine.
The shadows have the great smoothness and pigmentation I’d expect from D&G, apart from one. The aubergine feels somewhat grainy, it doesn’t blend well and has a lot of fall out so I can only use this wet as a liner, which is a shame as the colour looked really nice in the crease.
The combination of shades is quite interesting, the aubergine makes a great definer and the two matte shades combine for a nude no fuss look and the peach adds a bit of interest to it.
However, as I suspected this predominately warm palette is too much on my cool toned skin so I cannot wear all the shades together.
It really is a shame about the performance of the aubergine shade, however as I have a few D&G shadows now I do not think this is reflective of the brand so am hopeful its just unique to this quad.

I bought this from Harrods.


  1. Nice buy, I wish we had D&G makeup here in Greece!The packaging of these is so luxurious and beautiful..

  2. That's a shame that it's too warm and the texture of the Aubergine is hard to work with. I was just looking at the top picture thinking, this isn't as 'out there' in terms of colour combination as some of their other quads.

    I really need to get myself out to the shops soon. I had a mini NARS shopping session today and it's whetted my appetite for more! Top of the list are the YSL palette and Chanel lipsticks. Let me at them!! ;)
    Jane x

    PS. Happy Mother's Day x

  3. Very pretty colors, it's too bad it doesn't work for you!

    Maybe you could use the colors, but go over the top with cool tone shades? :)

  4. I have this quad and use it almost every day without fail. I only use the aubergine colour to line my lashline and then smoke it out slightly. In fact I find the shimmery peach-gold colour really hard to work with as it makes me look like I have a swollen eye :S

  5. Doesn't it always seem like purples are touch an go? They seem difficult to formulate for even the most established brands. The quad is beautiful, though. I think I may get this one! XX

  6. I agree with AKB that some purples don't work. I tried Guerlain's Velours D'Or palette which is gorgeous but the purples did not blend very well for me.
    I have yet to try D&G - their palettes intrigue me!

  7. I love the texture of most of the D&G shadows. I like the "Contrasts" and "Champagne" quads. It's too bad this one isn't perfect, but hopefully you can get some good use out of it nevertheless! :) Thanks for the review! :)

  8. Looove these colours.. they're gorgeous..

  9. This looks so pretty, especially the salmon pink...well, that's not surprising, since the other two (excluding the tricky aubergine!) are no-fail neutrals!! I wish I could get to Milan and the D&G counter more often, I haven't had a proper look for sooo long! I'm always so behind everything :( You got other D&G things right? Can't wait to see those too...I like to live "cosmetically" through you!! xxx

  10. Hi Makeupattitude,
    Hopefully they will roll out the line so its in more countries, it does seem quite limited here, think its only Harrods that stock it.

    Hi Jane,
    I know what you mean, its more of a restrained colour option, some of the others look rather bright.
    What NARS did you get, presume some of the eyeshadow duos?
    Don't talk to me about those Chanel lipstick, bought two more and picked up 2 of the new Dior ones as well today, bye bye all Aprils money... Hope you had a nice mothers day x

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Thats a good idea, I do tend to get a bit fixed that I must only use what is in any given palette, I'll try layering a cool tone over ;)

    Hi Get Gawjus!
    Yes, swollen eye look is probably not what you are after, I do apply that shade lightly. I do really like this quad but its not the best for my colouring.

    Hello AKB,
    You know I hadn't thought about it but you are right about purples, I wonder why that is?
    I do think its a good quad, good basic colours.

    Hi Joolz,
    I never got round to getting Guerlain's Velours D'Or, thats a shame as you would expect better for the price.
    I do think you would like the texture of D&G shadows ;)

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    I was very tempted by Contrasts but thought it would be too warm? I do really like the look of Champagne but might have similar shades, of course thats not to say I won't end up picking it up at some point ;)

    Hello Delyteful Speaks,
    I do think you could get quite a range of looks with this quad :)

    Hi Anna,
    I think you would suit these colours. I got two lipsticks and a nail polish as well, will try and post soon :)
    Dare I ask if your little man is any better? xx


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