Friday 29 April 2011

Snowberry Bright Defence Night Cream

Having been so impressed with the Bright defence Day cream, I decided to buy the night cream (£61.50 for 50ml).
The Night cream is meant to improve "night time hydration and helps to gently reduce the causes of skin discolouration in all skin types at any age".
It comes in a pump dispenser, the cream has a medium consistency and like the day cream it doesn’t absorb into the skin straight away so you do have to massage it in a bit.
I have a very bad success rate with night creams as I always seem to get congestion from them.
This cream is going firmly on my re-buy list. I get no breakouts/congestion from it. In fact I feel like this calms down irritated skin, I recently had a bad skin reaction when I was trying a different cleanser and I do feel this made a significant improvement to my sore and inflamed skin. My skin hydration has definitely been improved. What I have noticed most is how smooth this has made my skin feel and this in turn has made my foundations apply better.
Another success from the luxury anti-aging skin care range from New Zealand, my expectations of Snowberry are very high now. I am also pleased to note a lot more sites are stocking this brand now (,

I bought this from, they have free UK delivery with orders over £40 and it always arrives really quick.


  1. You're tempting me to try this line!

  2. I truly want this product ASAP!! My skin feels so damaged from break-outs and redness. I found that natural organic oils are very soothing to my skin and this brand uses a great composition of those ingredients.
    Have a great week-end, Sam xx

  3. This sounds fantastic and I wonder if this would be a better purchase for me than replacing the daycream? I really like the Snowberry daycream but I wish I'd listen to your advice re: hydration. I got no.2 for combination skin but I think I would be have been better off with the formula for dry skin.

    I guess I'm not surprised that you mention it calming your skin. I think the ingredients are very well thought out in these products. Their refusal to use something because it's easy to get or cheap to buy is impressive.
    Jane x

  4. Wow this sounds really good! I've never tried anything from Snowberry before but your reviews are making me want to go get some!

  5. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    It is a very results you can see type brand :)

    Hi Sam,
    The Bright defense range has been very good for my highly sensitive, acne prone skin and it is soothing x

    Hi Jane,
    They are a very impressive brand. I do think the No.3 cream would have been better suited for you, could you get a sample of it perhaps? I think this night cream is something worth considering, my mother tried a little sample, think 3/4 uses only and she wants to buy it as well now ;) x

    Hi Emily,
    I am really pleased I decided to try the range as I really think they have some stand out products, the only drawback is the price really :)

  6. This sounds fab also! I have almost finished my samples of the no.2 day cream (but I have a couple of the no.1 to try also) and so far I am liking it. I have bought the cleanser and looking forward to using that once I get through the last bit of my current cleanser.

  7. Hi Meeta,
    I'm glad you are liking the day cream, I'll be very interested to hear how you get on with the cleanser x


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