Friday 8 April 2011

Serge Normant Meta Silk Shampoo

A relatively new haircare line, Serge Normant, "legendary hair stylist to the stars" offers a concise line up of eight products. The range is said to offer “an entirely new dimension in hair care: one that produces lush volume and manageability, while protecting every strand of hair from damage”.

The ingredients are meant to be a mix of organic and natural enhanced by cutting-edge bio-tech advances in hair strengthening (named Keravis). Keravis, is meant to be a "vegetable-derived hair strengthening complex proven to dramatically improve the condition of even the most damaged hair".
I bought the Sulfate Free shampoo in the range called Meta Silk Shampoo (£23 for 236ml).

It is not a harsh shampoo so it never feels like it strips the hair, however nor is it heavy and feels like it coats or weighs the hair down.
It makes my hair feel smooth and look shiny and I found my hair easier to straighten when using this shampoo and my hair stayed straighter longer than normal.
Here are the ingredients, unfortunately they are not that clear but this is what it looked like when I got it:
However there is a drawback, it makes my very sensitive head itch. Its not unbearable but its there, I should mention that over half of every shampoo I have ever tried has caused itchiness so I am a bit particular.

I think if you do not have sensitivities and not overly dry hair this would be a great shampoo to try, especially for those wanting to avoid sulphates.

I bought this from SpaceNK.


  1. Do you know if they test on animals? :)

    It sounds like a nice shampoo

  2. It sounds interesting. I like the fact that it doesn't weigh the hair down as I often find that with sulphate free shampoos. I was trying to see if there was something obvious in the ingredients that could have caused an irritation. It must be really annoying to get that with so many hair products x

  3. It sounds like a great product. But I do have sensitive skin. Thanks for the heads up! XO

  4. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I had a feeling it wasn't but I've used this up now so don't have the tube to check, sorry about that. I've done a search online and haven't been able to find anything either. I hope it wasn't as I always try to go for brands who its confirmed they don't test, although it still seems to be a bit of a grey area for some x

    Hi Jane,
    annoying is the nice way of saying it :) I thought the ingredients looked fine as well, I just seem to be so limited in what I can use.
    I wonder if they would do samples of this if you went to a SpaceNK store as they do seem to be promoting it a lot? x

    Hello AKB,
    Yes, it is a shame it wasn't quite right for me, I'm using OCCO at the moment which seems to be really good, will have to do a review :)

  5. That sounds very interesting indeed. I saw the range the other day in-store, but not knowing anything about it discouraged me from getting anything, so thank you for this review :)

    And let me compliment you on your very sharp eye: a few posts back you told me about a Poppy King for no7 lippie I might like, called Power. Well, I finally went on my bender (after 5-6 weeks of working seclusion) and guess which one caught my eye: yup, Power was the one for me! Got both the lippie and gloss and mentally toasted your taste :-)))

    I also got Chanel Boy and Bonheur and the Nakkar lipgloss from he Spring collection, Nars Super Orgasm lipgloss (surprisingly nonsticky and gorgeous), Caudalie Premier Cru for eyes which I am really liking so far, Diorskin Nude undereye concealer (also big love so far), one of the new YSL waterproof eyeliners in Bleu Marine (lovely blue-purple, a bit like RBR Vera, but veering more towards purple, without Vera's slight frostiness), and a couple of other thingies...
    Phew, honestly, I just wanted to share that shopping bonanza, seeing as much of it was actually inspired by you!
    have a great Sunday hon

    Nina x

    PS Sorry if this appears twice, but Blogger was being temperamental and seems to have lost my first submission

  6. Hi Nina,
    I'm so glad you liked Power! I feel strangely proud of myself ;)
    Your bender sounds like it was expensive ;) I'll be very interested in any further thoughts on the Caudalie Premier as that is one I was thinking about it. I'll have to take a look at the Diorskin Nude undereye concealer, I tend not to think of Dior for my base products, why are its plus points?
    The YSL liner sounds lovely, I got the purple one, really wanted the deep green one though but they didn't have it in stock.
    I really need to pick up Chanel Boy I think, that does seem to be the most popular one! x


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