Sunday 17 July 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Penelope Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

The Summer 2011 release of the Penelope Kaleidoscope Eye Kit ($95) seems to have captured many peoples hearts. As Le Metier left the UK this March, its fair to say that with every beautiful picture and accompanied glowing review I saw, the more I started contemplating paying ridiculous shipping costs and potential custom charges to get my hands on this. I was very fortunate that my lovely friend Jeanie from was kind enough to pick this up for me.
The Kaleidoscope’s always consist of an interesting and often unexpected range of shades, mixing cools with warms.
The shadows are top to base:
Blonde Amber – sandy gold with shimmery glow
Pale Satin Amethyst – blue based lilac with satin finish
Bronze Topaz - a metallic bronzy taupe.
Black Emerald - rich emerald green with subtle shimmer.
The shadows are amazingly smooth and silky and have good pigmentation. They are extremely easy to work with as they apply and blend so effortlessly.
The colours are stunning, and have a beautiful glow about them. They layer so well, giving many possible combinations.
This is a really luxurious item in wear and result and is truly a delight to use.


Jeanie bought this from Bergdorf Goodman


  1. This looks beautiful on you. I'm in love with this kit too (and also have the lovely J to thank!)

  2. You've created some stunning looks there. I have been so looking forward to this post :D. I knew you'd work your magic with it. Jeanie is a legend! xx

  3. Beautiful! My favorite look on you is the one with Black Emerald closest to the lash line.

  4. You created such wonderful combinations, they all look amazing on you, the colours work so well together. The new Silk Road palette look very nice as well, although not as versatile as Penelope. x

  5. oh wow, your looks with this palette are soooo beautiful! at first i thought the colours were a bit bleh in comparison to, let's say, le cirque caleidoscope, but your eye make ups are stunning!!! i like the last and second last look the best. you're such an enabler!

  6. Oh WOW!!! These are fabulous combinations you have come up with!! I will definitely be opening up this page for inspiration the next time I use Penelope! Thanks so much!
    One request: would you consider joining Twitter? It would be so great to talk to you more often! Hope you have a great week ahead!

  7. I love how you created so many looks with this palette! It's also wonderful that you were able to get it through jeanie!

  8. All those looks are equally amazing on you! I'm so glad Jeanie picked Penelope up for you! She is a must have. I keep reaching for this eye kit again and again. It really is amazing how they can put together such an unexpected combination of colours that work so well for such a variety of looks. I should really compose all my looks with Penelope into one post for easy reference like this.

  9. It's gorgeous on you- I knew it would be. xx

  10. Beautiful looks - I love them all! You blend colors so well :) I swatched this palette in the store a few weeks ago and it is definitely on my wish list :)

  11. Oh my word! That is sheer gorgousness... I am speechless (for once). That last look in particular has stolen my heart.
    Lucky girl and master blender :)

  12. This Kaleidescope gets me weak in the knees!

    <3 your blog! Gave you an award this morning!

  13. WoW! What amazing eye looks! This is a great post! Really helps you to see how many different looks you can create with just 4 shadows.

  14. Hi Grace,
    Thank you :) Jeanie is a gem isn't she.

    Hi Jane,
    I'm really glad you like,especially as I was somewhat indecisive about doing eye photos for this post xx

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Thanks :) Black Emerald is so stunning, such a rich colour.

    Hi Klara,
    Thank you so much :)
    I've been trying to ignore Silk road, but I am sure I'll lust after that one as well! :)

    Hi ketoglutarat,
    LOL, well I do like to enable ;) Thank you for the lovely comment.

    Hello Lakshmi,
    Thank you so much :) I have thought about Twitter but don't really understand the ins and outs of it, it would be nice to chat more, I'll have a look into it x

    Hi Lucy,
    Thank you :)

    Hi Dovey,
    It is a really versatile palette, I'm really lucky that Jeanie got it for me, I've meet some lovely people since blogging.

    Hi PerilouslyPale,
    Thank you :) I completely agree with you about the kits, its exciting to see what new combinations they will bring out next.
    You always do such beautiful looks so it would be great to have the Penelope ones in one post :)

    Hello Jeanie,
    Thank you and thanks again so much for getting this for me xx

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Thank you, it was fun creating them, this would look beautiful with your eyes :)

    Hello Nina,
    LOL at the master blender, I wish! Thank you for the lovely words, Le Metier really do take things to the next level xx

    Hi LauraJean396,
    The Kaleidescope's do seem to have that effect don't they ;)
    Thanks for the award!

    Hello productdoctor,
    Thank you, I'm really pleased that the post has been helpful. Le Metier really seems to have been growing in popularity over the last few months in the blogger world, I do so hope that they come back to the UK.

  15. Gorgeous! I really need to invest in some of their shadows, I'm surprised I haven't already.

  16. Hi lexi920,
    I'm so glad I got it, I do think their shadows are worth investing in ;)

  17. The looks you created are absolutely stunning! All of them are lovely, but the first and last are my favourites, so pretty. I wasn't really aware of the brand until they left the UK, so I didn't get to try any of their products. Really hope they do come back, would love to give some of their products a go! Thanks for the swatches and photos :) x

  18. Wow! Your pictures are absolutely lovely! For the first time, I can really see what the big deal is about. Your eyes look amazing!

    Thanks for the great review and pictures!!

  19. Hi Shannon,
    Thank you :) I think everyone needs at least one Kaleidoscope in their life ;)

  20. These are lovely, I'm going to have to investigate where to find this line in Canada!I especially love that last colour - that would make for an awesome smokey eye!

    Best, Lisamarie

  21. I finally got mine in the mail. I had ordered it over a month ago but then my Neimans ran out and my MA had to track it down since I'd prepaid. Seeing your pictures makes me anxious to photograph and get this baby on!

  22. Hi Lisamarie,
    Black Emerald is a stand out shade, I bet it would do really well if they sold it individually.

    Hi Marcia,
    This kit does seem to have been extremely popular, good thing you MA was able to get one for you, I look forward to your post about it :)

  23. I really love the eye looks that you posted here! Very nice looking shadows! I have never tried this brand before. Great post!

  24. Hi Pammy,
    Thank you :) Le metier is one of my favourite brands, beautiful colours and quality.


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