Sunday 29 July 2012

Benefit Perk Up Artist Palette

A foundation/concealer crisis had me standing at the Benefit counter, I had 15 minutes to spare on my lunch break to fix my skin/foundation before a meeting at work and a Benefit SA kindly came to my rescue. As I clearly stated that I only had £25 to spend before we began, I did not get any hard sell typically associated with Benefit SA's. Of the rather humongous amount of products that were used to re-do my base makeup, the perk-up artist palette (£22.50) caught my eye.

I'm going to ignore the ridiculous man picture on the box/palette lid.....

The mirrored palette contains a double sided mini brush and three cream shades that are meant to correct, cover and brighten. They each have a protective flip top lid, which I thought a nice addition.

You get a very yellow "correct" shade that is meant to disguise redness/discolouration, a medium skin toned colour which runs slightly warm and is meant to cover dark circles/imperfections and finally a light pink shade to brighten the eye area.
Here is the leaflet you get inside.

 The shades feel very lightweight and have a lot of slip to them, I wouldn't say they feel greasy but oily skin may not appreciate these. The coverage of all 3 is very sheer so I would say to forgo the notion that you will get a lot of coverage out of this palette. Whilst I had assumed the shades were lemon aid, the medium boi-ing shade and eye bright, having tried it they don't seem to correspond to the full sized versions, though it was a few years back that I had those.


Though this is not a miracle working, its a really nice portable palette that brightens the complexion and lessons discolouration. Benefit is not a brand I tend towards for various reasons but I won't discount it in future.

I bought this from Boots


  1. The texture looks really smooth on your arm! these would probably make for great eyeshadow bases if nothing else.

    1. Hi,
      They are very smooth, I have not tried them as eye bases so will give that a whirl :)

  2. yea why do they put a man's face on a makeup product....? It's making me not want to buy this product...

    1. Yes, the man does look rather strange and out of place, perhaps I don't fit the cutomer type Benefit is trying to appeal to :)

  3. I agree that the man's face looks ridiculous there. However the texture looks amazing on your arm! Not a big fan of yellow eyeshadow but this one looks not bad.

  4. The texture is nice, not the longest wear time though, The yellow works quite well to cut down on facial redness :)


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