Wednesday 4 July 2012

Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick: New Shade Lotus Bloom

Edward Bess has recently added new lipstick and gloss shades to the line up. I ordered Lotus Bloom (£24) which is described as a sheer peach pink.

On me I don't see any pink and I would describe it as a peach nude with a sheen finish (which prevents it looking flat).

The texture is creamy and has a quite a bit of slip, more so that other shades I have from the brand. It has good pigmentation and an average wear. Though it does feel moisturising it does highlight any dry bits so I think its better to exfoliate the lip area first.

The lipstick is very strongly scented (its described as a fig scent) and I do find that the scent lasts.

Though not quite the colour I was expecting it is an undoubtedly pretty natural peachy nude that is surprisingly wearable (as its not too nude/pale and doesn't go orange).

(Just to note it started to rain when I was taking pictures so you may notice water droplets on the lipstick in some of the pictures)

I bought this from


  1. Taking pics under the that's dedication for ya!
    Very fresh, lovely colour and I bet it works well with your colouring. I do wonder how the quality compares with earlier shades, as the new bronzer is definitely different to the old one (and not in an altogether good way).
    Enjoy my dear :)
    Nina x

    1. Hi Nina,
      Well I was determined to get the photos done ;)
      There has been a lot of talk over the changes, I don't feel that the lipstick is of a poorer quality than the older formula, however I did find the newer eyeshadows to be quite differenet, its interesting about the bronzer as that seems to be the item everyone raves about so thats not good if they have changed it. xx

  2. yeh, it hardly has any pink so I'm glad you are putting this swatch up: I often get that orangy/brown effect with nudes if they lack a pinkiness. It looks pretty, though, but not his most unique shade

    1. Hi birkinbagbeauty,
      I don't do too well with nudes so this has been a really good find, though like you say there are probably similar shades out there :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Drama Makeup,
      Its a good one for a natural look, that doesn't look too nude ;)

  4. The color looks like it would be really flattering on you! (Well, from what I've seen. :) ) I do find strongly scented lipsticks a little odd though!

    1. Hi Vintage Makeup,
      I do like it more than I thought I would when I first saw the colour in the tube. Yes, I'm not always a fan of scented lip products but I do quite like this one, thoght it is rather strong :)


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