Wednesday 4 September 2013

Dior Mystic Metallics, Fall 2013: Millenium Diorshow Fusion Mono & Addict Extreme Lipstick in Fortune

The arrival of the permanent Fusion Mono shadows with the Fall collection, naturally made me wonder how similar they were to the many other mousse/gel cream shadows on the market.

I find them most similar to the Chanel Illusion d'Ombres in terms of texture, though the Chanel has more slip and apply more evenly.

I bought Millennium (£23.50) which is a gorgeous mix of both golden and silver tones with a pewter and khaki base, it applies less shimmery than it looks in the pot.
Swatched below lightly then heavier

The pigment is very good, but the colour can apply a bit patchy so I have to take time over application. For me this requires a primer (without one I get creasing and fading very quickly).
It has a tendency to transfer on the area above, as you can see in my close up picture below where it looks really messy.

This is rectified by putting on a good amount of base colour eyeshadow in the area immediately above the cream product, but worth noting as an extra step.
For me, whilst I do like the shade, I have a no hassle approach where make-up application is concerned and unfortunately this shadow does require extra work to get the best from it.

Of the four Addict Extreme Lipsticks from the Mystic Metallics collection, I picked up Fortune (£24). It’s a sheer caramel rose nude.

I was surprised that it had a lot more slip compared to other Addict Extremes I have. It still has the lightweight texture and creamy, hydrating feel but this extra slip makes the wear time extremely short (even without eating or drinking it still disappears within an hour).

A lovely colour and great feel, but this is just too fleeting for me.

I bought these from Boots


  1. Replies
    1. I do like both colours :) not the best formula out there though.

  2. Hi CLare,
    the eyeshadow shade you picked is really nice. It suits your skintone very well. I would agree with you that Chanel Illusion dÓmbre is similar to this but Chanel's applies better. I haven't picked any shade from this range yet because it's not an LE so I will take my time to justify if it's worth buying :)

    1. Thanks :) I do think I could have skipped it really as I prefer the Chanel formula, I think that's a wise decision to take you time to decide on whether to buy or not xx

  3. I actually wanted to pick one up but after your review I think I won't. The colours are somewhat similar to the Chanel's.

    1. I think you could skip it really, I think if you like the Chanel and Armani formula then the Dior is not quite up there.

  4. The eyshadow looks gorgeous! It's disappointing that you need a primer though as the maybelline ones that are like 8 bucks don't crease without one on my =/

    1. Hi Krystle,
      The wear of it wasn't the best, I do think there are better out there, I don't think I have tried the maybelline ones yet so will have to give them a go :)


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