Saturday, 6 February 2010

Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Spring Collection

Estee Lauder is not a brand I buy much from so when the news of the Spring Micheal Kors Very Hollywood collection details came out I didn't pay much attention, however I have seen lots of raves about the collection on makeup boards and blogs and then to top it off it was on a Pixiwoo youtube video so I'd thought I'd check it out.

I picked up the eyeshadow duo in Blonde Mink (£22) and two of the lipsticks (£17 each).
In the pan the eyeshadows are a golden toned beige and rich slightly warmed brown. The beige applies true to colour and has a nice smooth, soft texture. The darker colour is a major disappointment, although if I swatch it I get a brown, applied to the lid I get a medium copper, I didn't realise until I used it how red toned the colour was. Even trying to build it I cannot get the deep brown. Colour aside, the texture is nothing like the lighter shade, instead its flaky and does not apply evenly. I've only read good things about this duo so far so am surprised of the result I got.

I got lipsticks in Starlet Peach (very sheer peach) and Honey blonde (very sheer beige ) both shades seem to have a slight gold sheen to them. Of the two, Honey Blonde shows up more on me. I don't have pigmented lips so was surprised I got barley any colour pay-off at all, Starlet Peach is almost unnoticeable on me. I think these need to viewed as very sheer tints. I'll also say that if you have any dryness on your lips these do highlight it.
Swatches L-R:Blonde Mink duo, Starlet Peach, Honey Blonde (please click to enlarge)

So overall I am a bit disappointed and can't help but feel I have wasted over £50.


  1. That does sound disappointing. This collection hasn't really grabbed me much, I haven't been tempted by it, but I'm not a big EL buyer. I also passed on Chanel spring in the end; that was nice, but nothing I absolutely had to have.

    The Le Metier de Beaute spring Kaleidoscope kits look gorgeous though; hopefully Liberty will have them in next week!

  2. Hi Grace,
    I wasn't as good as you as I did pick up two things from the Chanel Spring.
    I haven't seen any of the spring kits for Le Metier, will look out for your post if you get to check them out x


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