Wednesday 24 February 2010

Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss

Prodigy is the new lip-gloss from Hourglass. Its unique slim line flat packaging seems to have grabbed a lot of people’s attention.
I really like my extreme sheen gloss so it was just a question of deciding which shade to get. I’d seen a lot of reviews for Pulse but in the end went for Legend (£19), it’s a high shine, sheer to medium neutral rose (not shimmery).

The formula is hydrating, silky and non-tacky. As it’s not as “wet” as their extreme sheen gloss it lasts longer.
The applicator (which is a plastic tip) is a little bit fiddly to use, I tend to apply the gloss and then spread it slightly with my finger. Picture below of the applicator,
I bought this from


  1. I knew you'd get one of these, I'm so going to get one myself! Thanks for the review, I'm still undecided about the shade...of course Pulse would be an obvious option, but Legend looks like a great contender. I have a gloss with a similar tip and I find that it can sometimes suck my lip!!! Might this happen with the Hourglass one as well? xx

  2. That packaging is so cute! I want it! Lol.
    The colour looks gorgeous xx

  3. Oh I can't wait to try one of these..they look fab. Thanks for a great review.

  4. Thank you for the reveiw...can;t wait to try...its pricey though...

  5. These are so pretty! Love the colour you have!

  6. Hi Anna,
    I've not had it suck up my lip, although will be in fear of that now ;)
    I think Hypnotic maybe quite an interesting shade, I really like Legend but its probably not the most unique x

    Hi Make-up Addict,
    It is really cute, handy to put in your handbag. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello Britishbeautyblogger,
    Thanks, I'm sure I will end up buying some more!

    Hi Resham,
    They are quite pricey, I agree, although I have found that what I would normally spend on a single gloss,lipstick etc seems to keep going up.

    Hi Marce,
    It is a really easy to wear colour, the sort of colour that would be a safe bet if you had to choose one as a present for someone.


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