Sunday, 28 February 2010

RMK Spring Modern

The RMK spring modern collection caught my attention straight away with its crisp clean bright colours.
Eyes 05 Coral green (£25) contains a medium forest green, VERY sheer shimmery mint, sheer shimmery peach and a shimmery brown with golden shimmer. The shades have a very soft texture and wear well, be warned though that this gives a very sparkly look. I tend to wear the darker green on the lid with the lighter green dusted over it, brown in the crease and the peach lightly dusted in the inner half of the lid.
Blush 01 Pink Coral (£23) contains an orange, pink and white pink highlighter. I use all colours together and get a sheer pink peach flush (heavier on the peach), the white pink highlighter does subdue the overall effect which suits me but I think if you used just the pink and orange together you could get quite a vivid colour. Whilst not the best texture blushers I have tried I do find that RMK ones last really well.
I bought these from


  1. Aaahhhh, why is it that when I write longish comments to your posts I then manage to delete them by mistake when I get to the end of them??? Someone must be trying to tell me I should keep it short and sweet!!! As sweet as these RMK goodies...more icecream tubs!!!! (Wonder what the green colour could be...perhaps spinach icecream???) Anyway, I did have a look at the new RMK collection recently but I'm trying to restrain myself...if I manage to...but who knows...maybe in the future....The blush looks really pretty, by the way. When I think about Japanese makeup the word "sheer" always springs to mind, but it's a quality I appreciate quite a lot. Of course I have moments when I want something more punchy, but sweet, lovely and fresh is always good, isn't it? xx

  2. Hi Anna,
    I'm sure I've done the same thing when I commented on your blog funnily enough!
    Yum, spinach icecream, not sure that would do too well ;)
    RMK is rather sheer overall, I've just bought some Suqqu so that will be interesting to see how it compares as I think its the same company as RMK, albeit more expensive x

  3. Wow this is such a nice swatch..
    I am interested in RMK eye palette 02- the green one. Have u swatch that one too when u bought this one? How does rmk shadow work? long-lasting?

  4. Hi SuPeachChaya,
    Thanks, this is the only one I've tried from the collection but here's a good review of the 02 one

    I find they last well,the colour don't seem to fade. Thanks for visiting.


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