Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick L26

A while back I got two Sisley lipsticks and was not overly impressed given the price tag. Last week I decided to pick up the much raved about under eye concealer, there was not anyone around to serve so I thought I’d have a better look at the line up, the shade L26 in the Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick instantly caught my attention. I do have a tendency to always go for similar colours but there was something about this neutral pink, compounded with the temptation of a GWP ( skincare samples worth over £100 at John Lewis, think it runs out end of month) that sealed the deal. I’m sure when I last bought one of these it was £26 so was slightly surprised when it rung up at £29, so this is my most expensive lipstick.
The texture is soft and very smooth, you get full coverage and they last quite well, I don’t think it’s that hydrating though. They are scented with that rosy scent, typical to a lot of brands.
The colour is a medium, neutral to cool pink with a slight bit of rose; it has a really pretty satin sheen to it. Although the formula isn’t my favourite I’ll over look that, as this is a really flattering shade.
They had their new items out, two PhytoLip Star glosses (one Fushsia pink packed to the brim with shimmer, the other a shimmery warm copper) I really wanted Modern Fushsia but couldn’t afford to get it. There was also a new compact foundation but I’d have to check the ingredients first and I’d doubt the shades would be light enough.
I’ll review the under concealer in a while as I am having issues with it, but think it maybe due to my eye cream, so if you know of a really hydrating eye cream that does not ball up please let me know.


  1. I didn't get on at all well with the Sisley under eye concealer, I'm afraid (the one in the squeezy tube?) I found it very dry, and a bit thin for my dark circles.

    Sisley does a very good eye cream - the lip and eye contour one. I'm using and loving the Sarah Chapman one. I did like the Clinique All About Eyes rich too.

  2. Hi Grace,
    Yes its the squeezy tube one, the dryness of it and how it seems to set straight away is what I'm having issues with, wonder whether its worth buying another cream in that case to try and make it work, or if its a lost cause ?
    Thanks for the suggestion, I think I wanted to try that Sarah Chapman one after you did a post about it so I'll add that to my list.
    I've got my Snowberry skincare now,so will do reviews in a few weeks.

  3. I found with this concealer that it seemed to roll/flake in a powdery way when I tried to blend it, it just didn't work for me. Looking forward to reading about the Snowberry!

  4. Ugh, you two are making that concealer sound so awful!!! At least you like the lipstick, the colour looks like something I might buy. Yeah, I always end up buying very similar shades, just today I bought a lippie (as part of my birthday present from hubbie) only to come home and realize it looks VERY similar to a RBR one I already had!! Just wondering...have you ever finished a lipstick in your life? As for eye creams, I'm currently using one by an Italian brand (L'Amande, strangely it has a French name!) which is quite good, but I strongly doubt you'd find it in the UK! xx

  5. Hi Anna,
    I don't think I have used up a lipstick, thats not good is it!
    I've not quite given up on the concealer yet, it cost me £44 so if I can't get it to work I think I'll be rather miffed, to put it lightly!


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