Wednesday 3 March 2010

ELLIS FAAS Skin Veil Foundation

The skin veil (£34) comes in the same silver pen packaging as the other Ellis Faas products, just bigger. It has quite a large brush on the end and comes with two vials of product (7ml each) which you just click into the end of the silver pen.

I got the lightest shade S101, I don’t detect any overly pink nor yellow tones with this, and the colour seems very neutral. The texture is surprising dense and quite creamy but upon the skin it blends out to give sheer coverage although you can build with ease for medium coverage. The finish is neither matte not overly luminous just natural, most definitely your skin but better. Just to note for hygiene reasons I don’t use the brush to apply the product as I have acne prone skin, I just dispense it on clean hands and apply with fingers or a brush.
Swatch on left is with it dabbed on, swatch on right is blended.
This is a heavily silicone based foundation but it has not broken me out, although I have noticed that if I use it day after day I do seem to get more clogged pores than usual. I have also found that if I don’t use any powder it doesn’t last the day.
Overall this causes me no skin reaction, is a great colour match and doesn’t highlight my dry areas, however it’s not something I can use everyday so I’m not sure if this will be a re-buy for me.
I bought this from, you can also buy Ellis Faas from


  1. I've yet to try any of the Ellis Faas products, but I'm tempted each time I see them. This sounds very nice but I've bought so many new bases lately, I think I can only reconcile it with myself if I buy one of the cheek colours I've seen. I 'need' more blush :-)

    I'm tempted by Ellis Red, but the last time I wore proper red lipstick my husband recoiled in horror so I'm somewhat trepidatious!

  2. Hi Glamoured,
    I bought a few more Ellis Faas products so will review them soon. I, like you finally gave in after seeing all the raves.
    Red lipstick does tend to cause a responce I have noticed, if you got the Ellis Red and it was a bit "much" I think you could sheer it out easily, I like the one I have, although its a more natural shade. Thanks for stopping by x

  3. Yay, you've found a great colour match! How many clicks does it take you to get a good amount of foundation out? Can't wait to see what else you got from the know I like what I got! I should actually use my things more often, perhaps this weekend when we celebrate my son's 3rd birthday: that's definitely a special occasion! xx

  4. Hi Anna,
    I hope he has a great birthday and gets lots of presents,and that you don't eat too much cake :) that must be a nice age as he can communicate with you better,my one just seems to go on about balloons all day!
    I think it take me 3 clicks but initially I think I had to click loads,was worried it would explode.....I got two of the eye products and 1 lip one so will post those soon x

  5. I really like the look of the formulation, but I don't like foundations with brushes; I so wish it was in a pump dispenser! Although the lemming is slightly dampened by you writing that it does clog your pores a bit.

  6. Great blog! Do you know how the colour compares to the NARS sheer glow foundations?

  7. Hi Sweet Kiss,
    Thanks ;)I've not tried NARS sheer glow but did use to have their old style foundation in shade mont blanc and would say the nars was darker and more yellow toned, sorry, thats probably not much help!


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