Friday 26 March 2010

MAC: Lessons learnt

When I’m in my local MAC store, I tend to find that if I am getting ignored when I want to buy something, if I start swatching products it gets a SA over in a shot.
This is what lead me to buy Fresh Salmon from the Spring colour forecast collection; had I not swatched it, I would never had bought this seemingly bright coral/orange lipstick- I was surprised that it swatched as a sheer coral pink with a golden sheen.
Swatches L-R: Laugh a lot, Fresh Salmon, Hue
I also bought Laugh a Lot (sheer mauve pink, nice colour but I have similar shades already,not sure why I got this) and finally, the rated glaze lipstick in Hue (not part of the collection) as a Back to MAC (they always refuse to give me a limited edition lipstick). On me this lightens my lips too much and washes me out, so may well go in my next Back to MAC!

Caught up in the Ripe Peach hype, I straight away made a grab for this. I don’t know why I didn’t check the ingredients, being as I always check the ingredients. I don’t why when I got home I still did not check the ingredients and put it on my face. I do know that when the itching came on I thought to myself ‘I wonder if this contains corn starch’ and lo and behold- it did. I’ll console myself by saying that although a very pretty vibrant coral it was probably a bit too vivid for my complexion (I have now given it to my mother).

So, lessons learnt for me: don’t always write something off by how it looks in the tube/container and don’t become complacent with checking ingredients.


  1. Aw sorry about the allergy, although tbh ripe peach isnt all its made out to be. Great colour, but not unique in its colour pay off. I love mauve pink colours o i steered well clear of them in the collection because i have too many similar. Fresh salmon made it home with me..coral colours are just so beautiful to me atm!

  2. Hi Ally,
    I am really liking Fresh Salmon, really nice colour for spring/summer. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Pity about Ripe Peach, though I'd have bought it off you if you hadn't given it to your Mum! Even if you say it's not so great as others make it out to be, I'm a sucker for peach stuff! You know, I do not own one single MAC lippie (though I do have a couple of glosses at the moment) you find them drying at all? Hue and Fresh Salmon look really pretty, especially the former (I think I already have a lot of stuff that resembles Fresh Salmon!) xx

  4. Hi Anna,
    I don't think my mum even uses half the stuff I give her TBH, I'm just never sure what to do with it other than give it to her, she has more stuff than me I think!
    Apart from the Lustres, I do find MAC lipsticks a bit drying, they are by no means my favourite liptick brand, but there is a store near where I work so I tend to go there if I'm having a bad day and end up buying things I probably shouldn't ;)


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