Saturday 6 March 2010

By Terry Eyeshadows

Although I’ve read mixed reviews on By Terry eyeshadows, as I was extremely happy with my other two purchases I thought I’d take the plunge. As I couldn’t find photos or much information of colours, I took the safer option and went for more natural sounding shades. I got Silky Eye Shadow in Pearly flannel (grey, very slight blue cast) powder Shadows in Soft Nougat (cream), Pearly Rye (beige) and Sparkling Pepper (silver) .
Clockwise from top left:Soft Nougat,Pearly Rye, Sparkling Pepper ,Pearly flannel
The colours seem to have a subtle differing tone within, which prevents them being flat and gives them a complexity. The finish is between satin and shimmer, resulting in a luminous effect, the silky one is less shimmery, pigmentation is all of them is on the sheer side.
Swatches L-R Soft Nougat,Pearly Rye, Sparkling Pepper ,Pearly flannel

All the powders seems very fine and I’m happy to say they last well on me as their lasting ability was something I had read negative reviews on.
All the shadows come in a screw pot container, I was a bit irked that my Sparkling Pepper shadow was loose in the container rather than being glue down, not a mishap I would expect when I am paying this price for a product.
Heres the packaging, clockwise from top left: Sparkling Pepper, Pearly flannel, Pearly Rye, Soft Nougat
I would like to buy some more but I’m hoping I can find some colour descriptions or pictures first.
I bought these from SpaceNK and they cost me £22 each, as far as I am aware they are the only By Terry stockist in the UK.


  1. I just got Pearly Flannel... and I must say, as much as I love the company and its quality, Peary Flannel is making me look like dirty flannel on my yellowish skin tone. How do you wear yours?

  2. Hi Liz,
    Dirty flannel doesn't sound good, I tend to wear it on the lid with a taupe in the crease, or with a light grey or silver on the lid and Peary Flannel in the crease. I am cool toned and have quite a lot of pink in my skin so that might be why it works better with my tone? I hope you do find a way to wear it that works for you :)

  3. Thanks for your response! I guess it's time to experiment and figure out a way. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste. :)


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