Wednesday 17 March 2010

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes and Milky Lips

The Creamy Eyes (£22) have a velvety texture and they do not feel heavy nor drying. The shades I have can either be used for an opaque coverage or sheered out with your fingertip, I prefer using them sheered out as they are quite pigmented as you can see from my swatches. They dry quite quickly but you do have enough time to blend and once set they don’t budge until you take them off.
I really like the formula but it’s the colours that aren’t really working for me.
E107-Brown/taupe, looks a bit muddy on me.
E106-Brown with a mauve tone, I don’t normally have a problem with mauve tones but this makes me look very tired and seems to have a slight red cast to it, no doubt this will vary depending on your skintone but if you have a similar complexion to mine (very pale and cool toned) you may want to opt for a different shade. Both shades are non-shimmery.
Swatches are with the colour dabbed on then a swatch of it blended,on the Left E107 and on the right E106
I got Milky lips (£21) in shade L207. The texture is quite light and doesn’t feel drying. The finish is a semi matte and the colour is a non-shimmery peachy beige on me, with a slight hint of pink, its not the best for my complexion but it is wearable.
Overall I am really impressed with the texture and wear of these, its just the colours I bought don’t really suit me. With the currant line up I’m hesitant to try more but I’m hoping they will introduced some cooler toned shades in the future.

I bought these from, you can also get them from


  1. I really hope that EF comes out with some cooler colours too. I know her thing is 'human colours' but there are plenty of cooler toned people out there who naturally have cool tones in their skin, lips, eyelids etc. E107 is probably one of the coolest of the creamy eye shades, but it is still quite sludgy.

  2. Pity the colours aren't really doing much for your complexion, they do look particularly muddy...are you sure it isn't your son swatching Nutella on your arm?? The Milky Lips looks a bit blah as well...I suppose I'm luckier with EF compared to you and Grace with my neutral/warm toned skin, I do like the EF I have a lot, though I often forget about it, to be honest! xx
    PS: have finally answered your comment on my last post, just want to know if u need any D&G swatches, I'm going to check it out this Saturday!

  3. Hi Grace,
    Lets hope so as the products perform really well, I'll be interested to see how well the brand does.

    Hi Anna,
    LOL, I think if he managed to get hold of nutella he would make sure to keep it to himself :)
    I know what you mean about forgetting about it, always seems to happen when I have things stored in pencil pots!
    Have replied to you about the D&G x


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