Sunday 28 March 2010

Illamasqua and Rouge Bunny Rouge EOTD

Just to prove I don’t always do a natural look, here’s a brighter one
Very simple and not over blended so as to ensure the blue stands out. Illamasqua Spectre as an all over base, Fiasco on outer lid, Truth in the crease, a very light dusting of RBR loose glitter pigments in Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree on inner half and Spun From Sunny Seawater on the outer half and RBR Devotion Ink in Anthracite Essence to line.
Swatches: RBR Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree, Spun From Sunny Seawater

Swatches:Illamasqua Spectre, Truth, Fiasco


  1. Oh, the gorgeousness of Spun from Sunny Seawater! I love how you combined it with the Mandarin pigment...actually, I love all your EOTDs, you should definitely do more, though I understand that with a small child it's difficult to always have the time to do your makeup and take decent pics of it, at least that's what happens to me! Have you bought/have been tempted to buy any more Illamasqua recently? xx

  2. Thanks Anna, what a nice thing to say :) It is difficult getting pics for my EOTD so thats why I don't do them much, have to do it in the morning when there is good light but have to wait for him to be asleep,which doesn't always happen!
    I haven't bought any Illamasqua for a while, although I'll be interested to see what they put out for the spring/summer collection x

  3. I love this, looks fantastic! Much more than the sum of the parts as it were. x

  4. Did you get the gift with purchase issue you had the other day sorted out as I can't see the post anymore? Hope you did. x

  5. Hi Sparklz and Shine,
    Thanks,I hadn't used my Illamasqua for a while so thought I'd better get them out,those three are my favourite shades out of all my Illamasqua.
    Regarding that GWP, they emailed me and said there was a glitch on the site and it was now rectified and would be sent out, thought it best I took the post down if they now had it sorted, probably should have just done an update on it really.


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