Wednesday 10 March 2010

Le Métier de Beauté Blue Steel True Colour Eyeshadow

Blue Steel is a sheer shimmery silvered blue, once applied it almost takes on a slight aqua hue, as with my other Metier shadows the texture is very fine and silky, they blend effortlessly and last well. I bought this from (£21) who stock Le Metier exclusively for those of us in the UK.

I’m already eyeing up the spring Jardins de Villandry collection, although I have seen two very different promo pictures of the Kaleidoscope eye kit,
This much more intense one from the nonblonde blog,
then this more subtle one from Neiman Marcus,
so if you have seen a real life photo anywhere or seen it in person I’d love to know which of these is more realistic?


  1. Blue Steel does look pretty, probably something I'd go for, I think it would look really good during the summer months (if we're ever going to see summer again, that is!!). As far as I can see from the photos (of course I have never seen the products in person!) in the links, I'd say the Neiman Marcus pic is probably closer to reality, it looks like the one on Gaia's blog is digitally enhanced, as if it has had some sort of photoshop adjustment done to it. Personally I think the NM is nicer! xx

  2. Hi Anna,
    I am hoping that the NM one is the more accurate as thats the one I prefer too, I keep wanting to get one of these kits so I am hoping this is the one!
    Hope your little one had a nice birthday :)

  3. Hi - I'm waiting for the Jardins de Villandry too. I think that the one on The Non Blonde is likely to be the most accurate, because she also describes the colours and they look similar to her descriptions, and I've found Gaia's descriptions to be spot on in the past. NM is notorious for doing strange things to swatches too!

    I'm haunting the Liberty counter for it, so I'll do a review/post a picture when I see it/buy it.

  4. A pretty springtime colour. I really need to take a serious look at some of the eyeshadow singles now. Have to keep feeding the addiction to Le Metier de Beaute. Also, I checked out those new lip and eye palette on the Neiman Marcus site. Hmmm decisions, decisions. Will let you know what I buy. :-)

  5. Hi Grace,
    I was hoping that it would be something you would check out :) I'll look forward to your sighting!

    Hi AfricanOrchid,
    I really want those new little cream eye palettes on NM but I don't think we are getting them here in the UK, I'd love to know what you end up buying :)


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