Wednesday 24 March 2010

Suqqu Spring Kisui Collection: Part 2

The remaining items I got from the Kisui Spring collection were the Noble Nuance Cheeks duos (£36 each) in EX01 and EX02.
EX01 Momozoe contains a matte true pink blush and very pale pink highlight. EX02 Mukuge contains a matte warm rose blush and very pale cool toned pink highlight.
The colours are very natural and subtle; the highlighters only have the tiniest amount of shimmer. The texture is very smooth and fine and they last well.
Swatches L-R EX01 blush,highlight, EX02 blush, highlight

I have been extremely pleased with everything I bought from the spring collection; the textures and the natural serene colours. It’s a beautiful collection and I look forward to future Suqqu releases.
I bought these from Selfridges who are the only UK stockist of Suqqu.


  1. I love these blushes. I find them really flattering, especially on pale/peaky days! Very tempted by that pink duo now.

  2. I have always heard great things about these SUQQU cheek duos, they're actually the first things I want to check out when I get the chance. Do you think they'll be visible on my skintone? I would seem so, from your swatches, but that's the only thing I'm worried about...I think I'd go for the pink too! xx

  3. Hi Grace,
    Thanks for your great posts on the collection in the first place.I think these and my RBR are my favourite blushers.

    Hi Anna,
    They are not overly pigmented so I think you'd get more of a sheer colour, although I think they would show up fine on you.


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