Saturday 13 March 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blusher Brush

I have quite a large brush collection, I wash all my concealer/foundation/powder and blusher brushes after ever use as I have acne prone skin, so having a large collection is important to me should I not get round to washing my brushes one night.
RBR is one of my most highly rated brands so I was expecting a lot when I finally decided to buy one of their brushes.
I bought the Blusher brush; priced at £47, this is my most expensive brush.
It has a wooden handle and has natural squirrel hair, it comes individually packed in a see thru case with the beautiful RBR imagery.
(Please click picture to enlarge)
I have never tried a brush that felt like this before, its really soft and deposits colour seamlessly, but where I find it unique is the light feel of the hairs, its hard to describe but it feels almost delicate. It feels so nice against my skin I find myself applying it more than I need to, I don’t think I can say that for any of my other brushes!
Even though the price is steep, I am in no doubt that I would buy this again if required. I’ve noticed have added some more of the brushes to their site so I’ll be placing an order for those soon.

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