Sunday 14 March 2010

Suqqu Spring Kisui Collection: Part 1

I finally decided it was about time I bought some Suqqu rather than just drooling at online pictures!
The Spring collection looked full of wearable delicate neutrals so I thought this a good place to start.
I bought the Noble Nuance eyeshadow quad, (£38 each) in EX01 Umegasane and EX02 Sukashizumi.
EX01 contains a sheer delicately sparkled pink, warm shimmery copper rose beige, matte cream and a matte deep brown.
EX02 contains a sheer delicately sparkled cream,shimmery taupe, matte very pale lilac and a matte charcoal.
The shadows have a soft, silky texture and meld into each other with ease; on the whole I’d say pigmentation was on the sheer side. I do need to wear a base with these to ensure the colour stays true all day.
I am really impressed with the looks I can get with these, it doesn’t seem to be just you normal neutrals, and the depth that can be achieved with the layering of colours creates a subtle variant of tones.
I got two of the Noble Nuance Lipsticks (£24 each). EX02 Yamamomo (delicate pink) and EX05 Suzumecha (pinky peach nude). Both have no shimmer.
Pictured, EX02 above, EX05 below.
These have a lovely comfortable light texture and give a natural looking glaze of colour to the lips. Swatch is EX02 left, EX05 right.
I ordered these over the phone from Selfridges London. The lady was really pleasant however I did have to phonetically spell every single letter in my name and address. Due to the noise in the store I had to go over my card/phone numbers and what I was ordering several times, this didn’t make it the best experience and to be honest does put me off ordering again. There were some other things I wanted not from the spring line but I didn’t want to have to go through repeating everything and I did feel like I was troubling the SA as it was taking a long time going through everything. Now that Selfridges are selling online I really hope they add Suqqu to the line up as I really rate everything I have from them.


  1. So glad you like them; I thought this was a good collection for you and your delicate colouring. The counter is in a really noisy bit; here's hoping they do bring the brand online.

  2. Lovely, though I really want to get Umegasane now too :-)

    The lipsticks look very nice, would you say they are moisturising on the lips? I'm very picky about lipsticks and only like glazey/balmy finishes and textures.

  3. Hi Grace,
    Thanks for your great post on the spring collection,it made choosing what to get a breeze :)

    Hi Glamoured,
    I really like the lipsticks and I do find them moisturising, not as much as my RBR but they come second out of all my brands. I think I would say these fit with the description of balm feel and glaze finish, you know that means you must get one ;)

  4. PBI - but to Glamoured - you might have a look at the Shiseido Tender Sheer lipsticks, those are a lovely, very comfy balm finish.

    I do totally agree with Replica on the texture, and also that RBR ones are gorgeous.

  5. Must get my hand on some Suqqu, seriously, one of the regrets I had from my last London trip was that I didn't manage to even have a look at the Suqqu counter...but hey, great news (for me, I don't expect you to be ecstatic about it!!) I've just booked a long weekend in London at the end of May, so the Suqqu SAs had better watch out!! xx

  6. Hi Anna,
    I'll have you know I am ecstatic about it actually ;) Do check out Suqqu if you get the chance, oh and Le Metier!! I'll be interested to see what you get x

  7. Hello
    I'm just wondering what is the shipping cost you have to pay if you order over the phone? Thanks,

  8. Hi AC,
    I'm pretty sure it was £4.95, I can remeber thinking that it was a bit cheaper than a lot of the other stores. Would love to know what you are planning to get ?


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