Saturday 27 March 2010

Snowberry Skincare: Nourishing Lite Day Cream

This is my second Snowberry review, this time for the lite moisturiser.
Just to re-cap Snowberry is a luxury anti-ageing skincare brand from New Zealand. The range does not contain, Lauryl Sulphates,Petrochemicals, Propylene or Butylene Glycols, Volatile alcohols, artificial colours , Silicones , DEA or MEA ingredients.

In the UK you can’t return used cosmetics, as I have highly reactive skin I felt it prudent to buy the smaller 15ml version of the moisturiser instead of the full sized 50ml (£110). Although it works out cheaper to buy the full size I figure that if I didn’t get on with it better to have wasted £46 than £110.
My skin type is dry, shiny T-zone, bad pores and sensitive/acne prone. The reason I went for the lite version of the moisturiser (rather than the rich) is that a lot of products aimed for dry skin are just too heavy for me and the rich version has algae extract in it which is something I avoid due to my acne.
This comes in a pump packaging and I use two/three pumps for my face, the consistency is quite light. I was surprised that this adsorbed almost immediately and I had no residue/oiliness on my skin at all. I’ve used this for over three weeks now and I do feel my skin texture looks better, glowier and feels smoother. The only reason this is not a re-buy for me is this does not provide enough moisture for my dry skin, if I didn’t wear foundation it would be fine but I have found it a struggle to get foundation not to look dry/patchy over this, the product is not aimed at dry skin so its my own fault, I’m going to save what I have left and use it for the summer months.

Overall I’d say if you have normal/combination skin and want a lite cream that rejuvenates the skin this might be for you.I bought one more product I'll be reviewing in a few weeks time.

I bought this from Harvey Nichols, which is the only UK stockist.


  1. Hello

    Its me again. I purchased this product (15mls) this week and have been using it. Its really nice and "Lite" and I love the fact it contains some very advanced anti ageing ingredients. The only thing I'm not keen on is the smell as it smells like chemicals which is strange considering it doesn't contain any.
    I also purchased the 15mls of the Rich day cream but will open this when I've finished with this Lite version. So far I'm really enjoying using this cream but I do prefer richer creams but its ideal for summer. I'm 25 so I think the Snowberry range is excellent for for anti ageing concerns. They have a sunscreen coming out in September which I can't wait to try!

    I'll keep you updated if you so wish.

    Kind regards


  2. Hi Ranjitt,
    I'd love to know what you think of them, I really wanted the rich one but was worried that the algea extract would break me out, that said I'm still tempted :)
    I would be interested to hear about the sunscreen, I wonder what sun protection they will have in it, will look forward to your update x


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