Friday 11 February 2011

Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara

Armani was at one point my favourite Cosmetic brand and I bought all and everything from them. A few bad SA experiences and the arrival of new brands has meant that I only do the occasional buy. I feel saddened to have to write a bad review as I have a soft spot for the brand and in the days of Starlash I thought their mascara’s were unbeatable.
I initially really liked their original Eyes to Kill mascara, however found the formula changed after a month, going dry and clumpy. When I received the newer Excess version (£23.50) from my mother for Christmas, I was in two minds about the success I would have.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words:
As you can see it is not flattering. The formula is thick so it weighs down my lashes and also clumps them together. I’ve tried wiping the brush, but still get the same result. It also smudges and flakes on me. After less than a months use I threw this away. Hourglass Film Noir still remains my favourite mascara.

It perhaps sounds a strange thing to say but I would like to get back into Armani, I really liked the eyes to kill cream shadow formula and want to get some of the Spring collection. Armani was the first brand that surpassed everything that I had up to that point tried (this is way back around 2003). As a cosmetic fanatic there is always comfort to be found when you can find brands that are very “you”, ones you can trust and if anyone asks that question, if you could only have one brand of makeup, you would have an answer at the ready.


  1. @Replica - I liked starlash too! And I totally agree about finding comfort in a brand that has worked for you and disparing when suddenly nothing does! I hope that your return to Armani is more successful. Jan x

  2. That's a shame as the brush shape and the formula looks quite promising. I have only ever bought one thing from GA before and have never really gotten into the brand. There are some brands that I was very into like Laura Mercier but in the excitement of other brands/products (not from poor service) I haven't purchased from them in a while. I don't think it sounds strange at all.

  3. What a shame that it's not a hit. As Meeta says, the brush shape looked really promising too.

    I've never really had a true brand loyalty, even when I was really in to MAC I accepted that their foundations and mascaras weren't for me. I think it would be lovely to be able to whole-heatedly trust a brand. I feel a bit like that about RBR but funds wise, I am limited and can't fully test out all the products. Maybe one day, eh?! ;)
    Jane x

  4. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Yeah, still I'm glad it was a present, so at least I don't feel like I wasted money on it ;)

    Hi Jan,
    I remeber I had a spreadsheet of the majority of GA with colour descriptions on my profile on MUA, think its still there actually,I must have had it bad ;) I am leaning towards getting their spring eye palette when it comes out here x

    Hi Meeta,
    I have read a lot of rave reviews for the mascara, I don't have much to work with so I guess my lashes demand too much ;) I do tend to go through brand phases, in a kind of must have it all mindset.

    Hello Jane,
    I think RBR would be it for me as well, can't think of anything of theirs I regretted getting, and that says a lot!
    The newer MAC mascara is a lot better than their other ones, false lashes I think is the name, should you feel so inclined x

  5. Armani’s Eyes to Kill Excess might also be called the mascara to die for - it’s a jet black volumnizing mascara that turns lashes from ingenue to star quality. Lashes appear to have a wet, patent-like shine that adds intensity and depth to the eyes. Your baby blues become sapphire; brown orbs become a smoky topaz.

    The brush is unique; it’s a thick outsize roller that separates, coats and texturizes lashes with an ebony sheen. Depending upon your application you can keep the color modestly subdued for day and raise the volume when the moon comes out.. Whatever works for you - just keep EYES TO KILL EXCESS MASCARA at the ready. Due to recent innovations in texurizing agents lashes remain natural and flexible even when you’ve amped volume to the nth.

    We love to wear this mascara with one of Armani’s new lipsticks - Rouge d’Armani in #513 or #402 - perfect for those with fair skin.

    All are found at


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