Wednesday 2 February 2011

CTonics Haircare

I have to mention the great customer service I received from, I’ve ordered from them a few times and have always have quick delivery/samples in the order, this time there was an full sized CTonics CORE shampoo in there. There was a note to say that they had a promo coming up in a few weeks for a free CTonics shampoo so they thought they would put it in my order early. I was delighted, how many times have you gone and bought something only to have a promo turn up a week or so later. As I bought these early January the Shampoo offer should hopefully be on their website soon for those interested.
I first read about CTonics on They site themselves as a Bioactive organic range that “nourish the scalp and bring health and vitality to the hair to create a fertile foundation for healthy hair to grow”.
I have dry medium length hair which turns greasy at the roots if I don’t wash it every day. The majority of shampoos make my head itchy and make my forehead really dry and red.
The Tonics (£20 each) are an interesting brown colour liquid, which I prefer to think of as chocolate sauce. They do not foam much. On the packaging it mentions massaging the product thoroughly through hair, and this proved a slight issue for me. Even thought I use a bigger blob than with my normal shampoo I find these difficult to distribute, I tried reapplying some water but I felt like me hair was almost clumping together. It is workable but it does take some time.
The conditioner, Elixier Blossom (£20) is a cream colour with a medium consistency. It does not feel heavy but is moisturising and detangles quite well.

I only used the CORE shampoo a few times before giving it to someone else as it was for normal to oily hair and scalp, which is not my hair type. So my results review is based on the products I bought, Pulse Tonic (for normal/dry hair) and Elixir Blossom.

There are massive benefits to these products, they do not dry or make my scalp itch, nor break out my skin on my hairline or jawline (something I often get with other brands). They make my hair feel soft and look very shiny, perhaps one of the biggest benefits I have noticed is that my hair is not frizzy, even when I have got caught in the rain.
However the downsides for me is the time it takes to wash my hair, this has more than doubled and as I wash my hair every evening and have little time as it is this is a big negative for me, my other issue is that my hair looks more weight down than normal.
Pulse Tonic Ingredients:
Elixir Blossom ingredients:
Core Tonics ingredients:
I’m undecided at this point as to whether these will be re-buys for me.

I bought these from who also stock brands like Ellis Faas, Julie Hewett and Kevyn Aucoin (they ship internationally).


  1. Mise are great, I've always had good experiences buying from them. It does take a bit longer to wash with these - I find adding a little water after the initial smoosh with the tonic helps me to spread it through my hair. It's worth the extra work for me because I get such an itchy head with regular shampoos, but I only wash every other day, and in the morning.

    I will have to look out for that offer!

  2. Oh dear, I feel lost with haircare products...I liked some Fekkai and some Phyto, but I'm afraid I've gone down the Aussie way lol...
    Very interesting review Replica, thank you! It's made me think that maybe the time has come to reconsider the whole thing (sigh).
    Nina x

  3. Hi Grace,
    I could do with being able to wash my hair less really, but its like once you start doing it everyday it seems impossible to do it less often.
    My hair is very prone to getting tangled, which might be why I had problems with getting it through my hair. Still, I think they are a very interesting product and I am glad I tried them x

    Hi Nina,
    That will be a whole new area you can spend lots of money on ;) My head/hair does not seem to tolerate more affordable options of haircare, I keep trying things from Boots here and there but they never work out too well, which is a shame as I could do with being a bit less spendy on somethings x


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