Wednesday 16 February 2011

By Terry VIP Touch-Expert Advanced

With my Touche Veloutee coming to an end, instead of re-buying I got tempted by the newer concealer offered, VIP Touch-Expert Advanced. Its meant to give a moderate amount of coverage and says “signs of fatigue are erased, shadows are brightened, imperfections are diffused and fine lines are less visible”.

I should mention that as these are highlighting concealers I don’t use them alone. I have very dark circles and a lot of discoloration under my eyes so use these types of concealer combined with a fuller coverage concealer.

I bought the lightest shade Fair (£28.50). Swatched together the difference is quite noticeable and you can see the peachy tone of the Touch-Expert Advanced.
Swatches L-R:Touch-Expert Advanced, Touche Veloutee (shade Porcelain)

I have taken a picture of them on my eye area, as mentioned I wouldn’t normally use these on their own, this is just to show you colour and coverage. On your screen, the eye on the right has VIP Touch-Expert Advanced and the left Touche Veloutee, please note that the eye on your left is always more puffy.
As you can see, once applied the colour difference is barely noticeable, however in natural light I can see that the VIP is not as good a match.
Overall, I think they both have a similar light to medium coverage. They help ease off darkness/discoloration and make the area look a bit smoother than it actually is. I would say both dry to an almost powder like finish and neither are particularly moisturising. The only discernible difference I think is that the Touche Veloutee gives more illumination. As the Touche Veloutee comes in a bigger tube (6.5ml compared to the 2.5ml of the Touch-Expert Advanced) and only costs a bit more, £33, I’ll be re-buying that after I have used the Touch-Expert Advanced up.

I bought these from SpaceNK


  1. I have the touche veloutee and I quite like it, thanks for the comparison of the two :)

  2. The left under-eye appears slightly more brighter-looking to me.
    I bought the Touch Expert a couple of years back (I think it was the older, non-advanced one - wonder what the difference with the newer one is?). I found it gave ok coverage and the colour was not too bad a match but wanted to try something with a little more coverage so didn't repurchase.

  3. I am ashamed to say that I bought Touche Veloutee with my £10 off from SpaceNK Ndulge at Christmas, used it a couple of times, and that was it. I don't know why I am not using it but I amn't (sorry I know amn't isn't a word but I couldn't resist;-) Maybe it is the slightly cloying rosey scent, maybe it is the clickety click that I can never get quite right. I will have to try again. Thanks for this and the comparisions. Jan x

  4. Love Touche Veloutee as well.. But yes, Touch Expert looks a lot darker - not suitable for my very fair skin :(

    Love your blog btw :)

  5. Definitely more luminous on the left, though undereye area looks more "concealed" on the right! The effect of the Touche Veloutee looks similar to what the Chanel Lift Lumiere did for me... anyway, much respect for you, how you find the time to apply concealer and then layer highlighting concealer on top in the mornings is beyond me!! xxx

  6. Hi Jadegrrrl,
    I do really like touche veloutee. It does seem that its getting more noticed, I'm sure the pixiwoo tutorials with it have helped :)

    Hello Meeta,
    I think the newer one is meant to have more skincare benfits, anti-ageing type stuff, I could be wrong, I easily get confused with By Terry's base products as there seems to be a lot! ;)

    Hi Jan,
    I'll have to try using "amn't" at some point ;). I think its worth you digging it out,it does add a nice bit of brightness to the area, poor little deserted By Terry... x

    Hi Miss A,
    Thanks :) I was slightly concerned when I first saw the colour, guess that the problem buying online :)

    Hi Anna,
    My makeup application in the morning is a scary frenzied affair, I'll often have a few brushes in one hand at the same time! Alas, I cannot do without concealer and highlighting concealer combined otherwise I get the "oh you look so tired" comments! x

  7. Thanks for this comparison lovely! I'm still considering the Touche Veloutee, but I generally have the same problem as Jan: I don't necessarily get on well with products that come with their own brush...
    Have a lovely weekend :-)
    Nina x

  8. Hi Nina,
    Don't fear the brush ;) Are you doing a SpaceNK order next week to get that GWP? x

  9. Thank you for this photos:) This post is really helpful for me!

    1. Hello Ewelina,
      I'm glad it was of some help :)

  10. Thanks for the report, it's helped me make my mind up which one to go for. But I can't believe the price difference, in 4 years it's gone up by £10!!!!

  11. Thanks for the report. It's helped me decide which one to go for as a first time user.

    1. Hello,
      Glad it was helpful, not sure where my photos have gone, I must have done something strange there!


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