Wednesday 9 February 2011

MAC Peacocky

Somewhat reminiscent of Starflash, the Mega Metal formula is creamy and easy to blend. The colour payoff and finish varies between the shades, so I would suggest to either swatch in store or read reviews first. Prance is a frosty light silver mauve, Centre Stage is a slightly shimmered rich chocolate brown.

I had to go back and get Dalliance after seeing London Makeup girl's post ( Its a light frosty gold with a chrome/silver hue, interesting mix of tones.
Shadows were £15.50 each. For a more realistic picture of Prance please see Jane’s post here:

Here is a picture of Prance and Centre Stage applied,
Here is the same application but with Dalliance and Centre Stage.
Somewhat shoddy pictures but hopefully it gives a slight idea of the colour and finish.

I went for the most sedate Kissable Lip colour, Woo Me (£16). Its a pinky beige nude. The formula feels creamy, moisturising and not sticky/tacky. However, If you lips are slightly dry this colour does highlight it and I find the colour not long lasting.

Swatches L-R: Prance, Dalliance, Centre Stage, Woo me.

Overall you’ll most likely find one thing you like from this collection, things were selling out quite fast in the store near me so if you want something probably best to grab it quick


  1. I especially love Centre Stage and Dalliance together on you. I thought Centre Stage was a bit like Bejewelled Skylark, so managed to resist it!

  2. Nothing has really taken my eye from this collection but then I have not played around with the products... feel a splurge coming on if I do though...tis life

  3. I really liked Centre Stage but I think I have quite a few similar shades. The fine shimmer in Dalliance looks very pretty in the eye look pic.

  4. Dalliance and Centre Stage look beautiful together. I'm even more tempted to go back and get it now! My apologies as I still haven't replied to your email. I'm still catching up with myself at the minute. I promise to get myself in gear shortly. Thank you very much for the mention :D.
    Jane x

  5. These eyeshadows look so gorgeous on you!!Thanks for the eyelook doll!!Going to check them out!!

  6. Really loving how Prance looks with centre stage. Could be a lovely Valentine's day look :)

  7. Those are the 3 eyeshadows I picked up too! They look lovely together!

  8. Pretty looks! Both Prance and Dalliance are great, but my favorite is Dalliance! :)

  9. I'm always so jealous of your EOTDs, everything always looks so gorgeous AND gorgeously applied!! BTW, what brushes did you use here? Just curious about your most-used brushes of the moment! I don't think I'll get anything from this collection, but then I'd have to see it in person first...I think I'd still manage to resist, though! xxx

  10. Hi Grace,
    Thanks, well I have you to thank for my Dalliance buy :) You made the right choice about CS, compaired to BS it doesn't measure up x

    Hi Imo,
    There is always time for you to succumb. I do wish MAC would put out less collections, I always feel the need to check them out and don't often managed to leave empty handed ;)

    Hi Meeta,
    I think you could skip CS, not a must have. I do tend to always buy similar shades :)

    Hi Jane,
    No problem ;) I think of what I have seen of your collection you don't have something similar to Dalliance x

    Hello Blushingloves,
    Thank you ;) I'm sure you will end up getting something from this collection.

    Hi Jen,
    Thanks, I forgot Valentine's day was coming up, oh well that will be no pressie for husband then! ;)

    Hello Jobetterdays,
    You know from all the posts I have seen it does seem to be Prance and Dalliance that keep popping up :)

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Thank you, you know I prefer Dalliance as well, probably didn't need both, but then I am greedy ;)

    Hi Anna,
    What a lovely comment, I splooshed them on somewhat so pleased you think it looks ok! See now I thought I wouldn't get anything from this collection either....
    I just used MAC239 and Louise Young LY38 x


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