Sunday, 6 November 2011

BECCA Illuminate Wash

A while ago Zuneta was offering a Becca gift with purchase of the Illuminate Wash (£20). Not one able to miss out on an offer I placed my order.
Its a water based highlighter/enhancer that comes in a tube (8.5ml) with a brush tipped applicator.
Its a somewhat warm champagne, I find it similar to Armani fluid sheer in shade#2 and whilst the Becca does contain shimmer its not as noticeable on the skin as with the Armani.
Swatched below L-R: Swiped, blended in
What this product gives is a sheer luminous glow, skin instantly looks more healthy. I think this fits with the candlelight glow image. Where this excels over a lot of other highlighters is that there is no frostiness or metallic sheen.
It glides on really smooth and just blends in beautifully, there is no stickiness or tackiness to it and it lasts the whole day for me. This has become an essential product for me and I will definitely be buying this when its run out. A fabulous product which deserves some attention.


I got this as a gift with purchase via


  1. ths color looks really natural! How does this compare to the BENEFIT high beam?

  2. this product looks good (":
    Thanks the review!

    CMPang x

  3. You make me wish that I had taken advantage of this GWP! It looks and sounds lovely x

  4. That looks beautiful! Do you mix it with your foundation, or place it on top of cheekbones, etc?

  5. Hi Katherine,
    I found Benefit high beam a bit frosty on me, the Becca is warmer, more natural and doesn't highlight my pores like the Benefit did.

    Hi Mai,
    It is really good, shame its not in a bigger size as I am sure I'll go through this really quick ;)

    Hi Jane,
    I think you would get on really well with this, Zuneta really do great GWP's don't they, mind you I didn't get the last RBR one they did and have regretted that! x

    Hi Julia,
    I put my foundation on first then put this on my cheekbones, outside side of eyes and under the eyebrow and just blend it all in :)

  6. Awesome review, sounds like a product that everyone should own!
    Gonna make a mental note about this one, I need to finally make up my mind abt a cream/liquid highlighter (so far Becca and RBR are at the top of my list)!!!


  7. Hi Tina,
    Thanks :) I do think this is a must have, mind you everyone needs at least one RBR highlighter as well ;)


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