Sunday 13 November 2011

Chanel Enivrée Rouge Allure & Le Vernis Rouge Carat

Although I am not a fan of straight up pink lipsticks I couldn't resist the Enivrée Rouge Allure from the Holiday collection(£24).
What makes this a bit special is the pink microglitter, it just gives it that little bit of sparkle for interest.
Rouge allures have good pigment and are creamy, whilst not drying I don't find them moisturising. The microglitter in this shade has no uneven or gritty feel to it, I really pleased with this, its just a very pretty, girly sort of shade.

Le Vernis Rouge Carat (£17.50) is a a glossy ruby red with shimmer. On application the colour leans slightly warm and the shimmer is barely visible
This applies really smooth and the coverage is so good that you could get away with wearing one coat.
However this is the one item from the holiday collection I regret buying. I find Chanel polishes extreme chippers and I can't even get a days wear from this. Even with a base and top coat I struggle to get two days wear. Chanel make beautiful nail colours and I will put up with the chipping problem for a unique colour, however whilst I really like this colour I suspect its quite dupable.

I bought these from Debenhams


  1. I like the look of that, not into these sorta shades either but this is pretty...I can see why u were tempted =) xxx

  2. Hi

    I am so glad i am not the only one facing this problem with chanel nailpolishes!! i was told the problem stemmed from my 'lousy' application technique..

    but i did find the formulae for the new nailpolishes that were part of the le rouge velvet range seemed much better! you should check out the red called pirate in that range...


  3. Completely agree about Chanel nail polishes! For me they are a waste of money, no matter how pretty the shade.
    Sooooo, I did get Beige Lame (sorry but can't find the accent on my keyboard and that looks like "lame"...oh well) and love it. All the lip products look really lovely but I'm going through a very dry lips period (it always happens to me when the weather gets colder -we're talking torn and bloodied stuff here, gross) so I opted only for the Sweet Beige glossimer. I love the shade, it's very discreet, but the rosiness in it prevents it from being a flat nude on me. It's really flattering and the formula sits well on my lips.
    For more pigment and care I've come to rely on the Well People lip balms that pack great colour and are more nourishing and soothing than anything I have tried so far. Grace London is to be thanked for that recc... I also ordered from Being Gontent the lip polishes from RMS Beauty and have high hopes.
    This lovely Chanel lippie looks like it really suits you!
    Have a great week hun :)
    Nina x

  4. Oh no, I was just about to say how beautiful the nail varnish looked before you mentioned the chipping. Chanel are terrible for it but with my nails, everything is usually the same. Having said that, I did get excellent wear from the red Lancome polish I tried recently.

    Nina, you are making me wonder if I need to give the RMS a try! Temptress ;)
    Jane x

  5. I love the micro-glitter in that lippie! It looks so pretty :)

  6. @'ModestyBrown hehe you do flatter me my dear :)
    I tried those in-store the other day, but they didn't have the colour I wanted in stock. Although, obviously I haven't actually tried them on yet as such, they felt so comfortable and moisturising, that I didn't give it a second thought. They only have two colours and I opted for the lighter pinky-peachy-corally one. The colour pay-off wass quite good and it left a little bit of a stain as it gradually wore off. RMS are a great temptation I have to say...I also ordered a Jane Iredale mineral compact foundation as I'd read a great review from Zuzu (everyday beauty).

  7. Hi tzeyien89,
    I can't seem to resist some Chanel :)

    Hi Nutty,
    Nice to hear from you, I remeber you from the MUA days and I read your wordpress :)
    Thats bad that someone said it was your application that was causing the problem with the nail polishes, how rude! I'll make sure to check out pirate when I am next at the counter :)

    Hi Nina,
    Glad you like the shadow, the gloss sounds nice, I think I didn't pay attention to that one, but think I probably should of.
    I am very interested in Well People, I think I am a little put off by the packaging in terms of the cost as it doesn't quite fit in my mind, but that said I will be ordering some of the stuff as I keep hearing great things from trusted sources (you of course included) x

    Hi Jane,
    Yes, I think you and I don't fare well with a lot of polishes, but I think its all the hard work we do ;) The Lancome one did look nice x

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I know, after I did my swatch I just stared at my arm for a while :)

  8. I do love the microglitter lip stick.

  9. Hi Cathy,
    It is very pretty, I think its well suited for the holiday season as it has that bit of sparkle :)


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