Wednesday 9 November 2011

Chanel Noir-Ivoire Eyeshadow Duo & Beige Lame Ombre Essentielle

Here is what I bought from the Chanel holiday collection:
I actually picked up more than I intended to. Chanel is a brand I have made a lot of expensive mistakes with but I'd say all but one of the items are winners for me, so first lets begin with the eyes.

Noir-Ivoire Eyeshadow Duo (£30) consists of a sheer shimmered, luminous yellowed ivory and a seemingly matte black (it looks matte on application but if you look really closely it has a tiny bit of sparkle in the pan).
Its a nice basic pairing, you can either go natural; black to line and the lighter shade on lid or smoke the black into the crease for a more dramatic look.
The lighter shade has a really nice brightening glow about it and the black, whilst very pigmented can easily be blended out.
The duos are smooth, have good pigment and wear really well.

Beige Lamé (£21)is a neutral beige containing lots of different coloured micro glitter.
Its a great everyday, throw on when you are in a rush type shade, but the sparkle just gives it that little bit extra.
I find the Ombres Essentielle’s formula somewhat inconsistent, you can get a smooth, creamy finish or dryer, less blendable ones like Fauve. Beige Lame' is one of the better ones, its smooth with good pigment and blends really nicely.

I'm extremely pleased with both of these, I had initially disregarded Noir-Ivoire seeing pictures of it online but it was upon swatching that I knew it had to come home with me. So we have a success with the eyes, I'll let you know about the other items I bought from the collection soon.

I bought these from Debenhams


  1. Beige Lame is a beautiful beige that provides a great look paired with red lips. I think it's a product that's overlooked by many. I didn't get the duo either but should go back and give it a second chance. Enjoy your new goodies!

  2. i dont own anything chanel. maybe this christmas =P

  3. I'm just about to hit the pay button on my Chanel shopping basket... I was going to skip the Beige Lame. Hmm. I'm going to go and look at my basket and reconsider! Very helpful post and lovely haul!

  4. Noir Ivoire is so pretty from your swatch. It's basic, but sometimes basic is good =)

  5. Beige Lame has been on my list ever since the first photographs of the collection. And now I want it more than ever...
    You are ever the enabler hun :)
    Nina x

  6. What a beautiful haul! I bought the highlighter and Beige Lame too!

  7. Hi Kristie,
    I think everyone has got caught up with the highlighter with this collection, the duo is worth you having another look, this is probably my most succesful Chanel collection haul to date :)

    Hi TzeYien89,
    Chanel is always nice for Christmas, you should start dropping hints ;)

    Hi Charlie,
    Thanks :) I'll look forward to seeing if you were good and restrained or went all out :)

    Hi Dovey,
    Your spot on about basics and the simple things are often the ones I reach for everyday.

    Hi Nina,
    I don't think you'll be able to resist getting at least one thing from this collection, I wondered that you might like quite a few of their lip items, let me know what you end up getting x

    Hi Jacqueline,
    I was very pleased overall, I just had to get the highlighter, think I was worried it would sell out and then I'd have regret :)

  8. I picked up Beige Lame and am now thinking I should get the Noir Ivoire duo as well. It does look very nice! :)

  9. Hi Makeup Magpie,
    it is really lovely, I'm getting more use out of it than I initially thought I would, I can't think if its a limited edition or not? x

  10. Beige Lame looks SO pretty and a shade that would work around the clock!
    I'm only planning on getting Lumiere Sculptee from this collection, but the more I see Beige Lame, the more convinced I become that I need it!!


  11. Hi Tina,
    It is worth you checking out for sure, talking of Lumiere Sculptee, I am actually considering buying a back up of it as I am using it so much! x

  12. Hey Replica! My favorite two items from this collection are the highlighter and the duo. The duo is in my opinion the best black shadow I have in my collection, so smooth and almost creamy with very subtle shimmer, not at all boring the way can appear in the pan. The duos from Chanel are actually really good quality, the other one I have and enjoy is Gris Subtil: exactly what I wanted the Smokey eye quad to be...

  13. Hi Lakshmi,
    I agree, those two are my favs out of what I bought, I have two of the other duos and I do think they are the best formula from Chanel that we get here, I really hope they add to the line up.
    What are your thoughts on what you have seen from their spring line up so far? I have a feeling I'll have to get the blush and the Coco shines :)

  14. Hey Replica, I got three items from the spring collection: the quad, blush and April nailpolish.I passed on the RC shines and glosses (for now) because I figured that they weren't all that unique. I do think the blush is really pretty and flattering although it looks kind of normal, the Chanel glowiness is definitely there. My other favorite is April nailpolish really pretty and classic, and probably the only one of the trio that suit my deep skintone. You on the other hand will be able to carry off all three colors well! ;) The quad I think is pretty but you may want to swatch and see how the baked version fares in pigment. Hope that helps and enjoy shopping! xoxo

  15. Hi Lakshmi,
    Thank you, that does help. Mind you the blush looks like a no go as I just saw the ingredients posted and it has corn and rice starch in it,oh well, guess it means I'll have to spend that money on something else from the collection..see how my mind works... ;)x


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