Sunday 18 December 2011

Chanel Prelude Quad

I really tried hard not to give in to this, I've had a lot of the Chanel quads before and I think the formula is sub par for the price (we get the baked version here in the UK). The shadows are dry and powdery and pigmentation is often a problem, and yet I caved on Prelude after a few months of resistance....
I love natural shadows and as I find the majority lean warm, this cool toned palette was just too hard to pass up in the end.
Prelude (£37) contains a grey/taupe with micro glitter (it looks grey in the pan but applies with a taupe edge), shimmery ivory/cream highlighter, a deep smoky brown with micro glitter and an embarrassingly un-pigmented putty grey with micro glitter (all the micro glitter in the shades is very subtle on application)
Apart from the left bottom colour the pigmentation is actually good in this quad and on the whole the colours apply as they look in the pan. With a base I do still get a bit of colour fade and they do have that familiar dry/powdery texture. However, I do really like these shades and think they work extremely well together to create a soft, subtle slightly smoky look.
That's not to say that I wish Chanel would just dispense with this baked formula and instead give us the same as the US.

I bought this from John Lewis


  1. Oh Wow. Great minds think alike. I just ordered this quad from 3 days ago. Been trying not to give in to it, but didn't want to miss out on it if Chanel decided to discontinue it. Cannot wait to get mine in the post this Wednesday coming. Enjoy. :-)

  2. Very pretty. How would you say the colors compare to the Guerlain Les Fumés quad?

  3. Lovely on you! The one baked quad I have I dont particularly care for, the US formula is definitely my favorite. Prelude is a good cool toned neutral palette to have and as always your eye look with this is beautiful! Hope you are doing well and happy holidays!!

  4. I really like the colours. It actually reminds me a little of Becca's Enigma palette colour wise. Although I'm tempted by the shades, I think I can give it a miss texture wise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. Jane x

  5. This quad looks lovely on you. It's a basic palette, but beautiful in its simplicity. I've often wondered why Chanel does two different versions of their quads and would prefer that they convert to the square-pan formula across the board.

  6. Hi AfricanOrchid,
    LOL, we must have no will power ;) Its a nice everyday sort of palette.

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    I think its quite different from Les Fumés, more subtle, more overly cool, though Les Fumés is more versatile.

    Hi Lakshmi,
    Thank you :) I think if they did the non baked formula here I'd be buying them all as I think Chanel always put out great colour combinations. Have a lovely Christmas x

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Its nice to have a cooler toned option :)

    Hi Jane,
    Yes, if it wasn't for the texture, I would say get it as you wear these types of colours really well x

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Thank you :) I don't understand why they do the two versions either, to my mind it can't be because its cost effective, nor a location thing as other countries get the baked ones as well. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that one day it will change! ;)


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