Friday 9 December 2011

Guerlain The Lip Liner: Bois De Santal

At the time of the release of the Rouge Automatique lipsticks, Guerlain also brought out their newly reformulated lipliners. The lipliners are meant to provide rich colour, precise application, and a smooth finish. The formula is also meant to help soften and smooth the lips.
Bois De Santal #44 (£18) is a true rose with no shimmer. The pigmentation is rich and vibrant (as were the other shades I swatched). Its a very long lasting formula and the inclusion of an inbuilt sharpener at the end of the pencil is something I really appreciate.
I've had this for a while as I was trying to see if I could make this work but its not happening.
Immediately on application I noticed the dryness, it does not feel comfortable. I do not get a smooth looking colour, it seems to suck up any moisture and creates endless little lines on my lips which I find ageing.
If I apply a heavy layer of balm then this is wearable, however with the inclusion of the balm the rich colour is quietened, which given as the colour/pigment was the main attribute of this product its not the desired result.
I have seen a lot of great reviews for these lip liners so am surprised I didn't get on with it, especially as I don't have particularly dry lips.
If I was shopping with you I'd be moving you swiftly away from the lip liner display.


I bought this from Debenhams


  1. Shame about the dryness as it's a pretty shade!

  2. I am moving swiftly away as instructed ;). With creases beginning to gather around my lip line, I do not like the sound of drying at all. What a shame it's not a winning formula. Thank you for the review xx

  3. Oh dear, I'm sorry this isn't working for you, but thanks for the warning. In general though, I said goodbye to lip liners almost a decade ago. Oh well...
    Have a lovely weekend hon :)
    Nina x

  4. I swatch these every time I'm at a Guerlain counter because people rave wild-eyed about how creamy they are 'even for your wrinkly mummy lips, Kate!' and always wondered what I was missing. Thanks for your review -- I'm going to stop forcing it :)

  5. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    It is a lovely shade so that made it worse in a way that the formula was not good, at least it wasn't too expensive! :)

    Hi Jane,
    Good, far better things for us to spend our money on ;) I have been noticing I have more lines of late as well, I think in my head I am still in my late 20's, shame my face tells a different story! xx

    Hi Nina,
    I'm not a fan of lip liners really either, think I only really like my RBR one, I just got drawn in as I always do ;) x

    Hello Kate,
    Glad its helped :) Like you say the reviews have been really good, after using it I went online to make sure I had the same liner that people were talking about as I was surprised at how it felt, I usually fare well with Guerlain so this was a let down.


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