Wednesday 14 December 2011

Cochine Agarwood & Amber Reed Diffuser & White Jasmine and Gardenia Votive Candle

I've had many a reed diffuser through the years and all have left me somewhat disappointed. My issue is that I find the scent payoff very poor unless I am right up close to the product. I've used brands such as L'Occtaine, The White Company and Rituals, but still hadn't found one that I was completely happy with.

Though I had been eyeing up the reed diffuser from Cochine, the price point put me off and I did have the fear that it would be just like the many other reed diffusers out there.
Zuneta had and still have an offer on that if you spend £40 or more on Cochine you get a free White Jasmine and Gardenia Votive Candle worth £20, I took this as my impetus to make the order, vowing this would be my last attempt at reed diffusers.
Cochine currently do four scents for all their products: Vietnamese Rose & Delentii; Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom; Agarwood & Amber, and White Jasmine & Gardenia. The essential oils are harvested from Vietnamese plants and trees and the scents are meant to be reflective of Saigon’s culture

I bought the Agarwood & Amber scent (£49). It contains Agarwood, White Amber, Tuberose and Patchouli and is warming with a bit of spice to it.
The Diffuser comes in an elegant box with tassel, making it a nice looking present.
Within a few hours I knew this was the one, this scents the home with ease, even my husband is extremely impressed with this. The scent is not overpowering but is noticeably there, its really nice to come in and be greeted with the comforting scent.

The candle by contrast is much milder. White Jasmine and Gardenia is a pretty light fresh floral feminine scent. I'm very picky with candles but I like this as it doesn't give off black smoke and the smell, whilst subtle, is very pleasant.
Its also made from botanical palm oil wax from a renewable resource and the cotton wick is lead-free.

I've been impressed with Cochine thus far, its a stylish looking range, luxurious and elegant but most importantly the products live up to their price tag.

I bought the diffuser from the candle was the gift with purchase.


  1. Oh, you are naughty! I keep looking and looking again at the reed diffusers. I'd love something that really scented our room. A house full of children doesn't always make for the most elegant ambiance if you know what I'm saying ;) x

  2. That sound lovely and what a fantastic present it would be.

  3. The Reed Diffuser sounds great! I've used theL'Occitane Candied Fruits Diffuser and the scent was far too subtle, I could only smell it if I got very close to it, but this one sounds much better.

  4. Hi Jane,
    I hear you, it is very good at covering those little people "smells". The thing is I want more of them now, one of each scent, I wonder if I can try to convince husband that these should come under a household expense ;) x

    Hi ihavemostlybeen,
    It would make a great present, they have paid attention to detail.

    Hi Klara,
    I have tried two of the L'Occitane ones and found them a bit meh, this one is the strongest I have ever tried, good thing I like the scent! :)

  5. If you can make that idea fly, you'll have to fill me in on how to pull it off too ;)

  6. LOL Jane, I'll take that as a challenge ;) x


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