Friday 13 November 2009

Bobbi Brown Holiday disappointment

The Bobbi Brown website were offering a nice gift box for the holidays if you spent over a certain amount, what I received was not so nice.

It was so poorly packaged the box was smashed in and the packaging on the products were all smooshed as well.
They did sent me a replacement gift box after a while but cannot send replacement product packaging, fair enough but I could not use these for gifts so if you are ordering from their online site bear in mind that they aren't necessarily going to pack things well ( even though a lot of people will be ordering things from their site as gifts this time of year, as I pointed out).
I'll review the Chrome stuff separately but the GOLDSTONE LONG-WEAR EYE PALETTE £34, I think is really poor and to be honest I am glad I did not give this as a gift ! The two colours are mostly layers of glitter, one a gold glitter the other more greyed glitter and the liner shade is much softer texture than the other BB gel liners I have tried so it applies less smooth. The biggest problem with this is how the cream shadows apply to the skin. I have tried them on their own and with different bases but each time they don't adhere properly so you get left with little bald batches, I'm sure a lot of people probably like this but I really cannot recommend this to you at all. Swatches below applied reasonable heavy, they seem to have come out a lot nicer on my arm than they did my eyes.

I seem to keep having bad experience with Bobbi Brown and its really put me off the brand in a big way.I think I'd much rather spend my money at places like Illamasqua and Zuneta who offer really good service.


  1. They were pretty rubbish at the John Lewis counter in Cambridge earlier this week too. Sorry your experience was so poor; when you compare it to how Zuneta or Content package things, it's very very different.

  2. BB is a brand that I have to be really careful with because some products I love and some I really don't. I haven't experienced bad customer service as I have not ordered online but I will not be doing so based on your experience. Thank you for saving me from another costly BB mistake! <3

    P.S. It really irritates me that they tell me at the counter I "have" to apply/use makeup in a certain way because bobbi says so. I appreciate guidance but seriously, I worked hard to get the money to buy the product, I'll wear it as I please thank you very much! (Rant)

  3. I think it's just as well something like this happened, so you won't feel overly guilty hauling from Zuneta again!! Jokes apart, this is really bad...something similar happened to me with, their boxes are not very sturdy and one got smashed in the post (and an item disappeared :((() Have a great weekend, xx

  4. Hi Grace,
    Just did a comment on your blog about that dreaded counter !! You would thing in such a competitive market you would get better service but it seems to come from the smaller companies/brands.

    Hi Yorkieluvs,
    I know what you mean about their rules, its fine for them to advise but wrong for them to assume their way is the only way,like you say your money, your choice, I'll join your rant :) thanks for visiting.

    Hi Anna,
    Actually I have heard a lot of bad things about ASOS so have never ordered from them. Funny I just received a few things from Zuneta today, your fault as I had to get a blush after seeing your post. I'll do a post about it this weekend, enjou your weekend too x

  5. I love BB, I bought online several times and the service was very good. I had luck!!!
    About the BB colections, in my opinion the products are not amazing, sometimes the colors are gorgeous and the product quality just sukkkks!!!!
    I prefer buy the permanent collection, I just give up of all the special editions in all brands.
    Crap sales technic, sorry, that is just in my nerves lately...

  6. Wow, that's pretty shitty! I've heard that their products can be hit and miss, both the products I have are hits though so I'm ok.

    I'd put in a complaint and take it further until they actually listen, if you were giving that as a gift, you wouldn't be able to and it's not like her stuff is cheap.

  7. Wow! I am surprised at the crappy service at Bobbi Brown- they are a big company and you would think they would have sent you replacements for everything that got smashed. Thanks for the info- I will think twice before I purchase anything from them.

  8. Hi Gabriela,
    Yes, I don't think they have anything that is amazing either. You are right about the limited edition things,seems that sometimes the quality is just not there. Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Rhamnousia,
    I don't think I'd get very far as its not the actual products that were damaged. I just don't want to deal with them anymore to be honest and can't see myself buying from them again. Thanks for visiting.

    Hello Miss Zoe,
    I was surprised as well,I wonder because they are such a big company that maybe they think they don't need to bother as it doesn't matter if they loss one customer.Thanks for your thoughts.


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