Sunday 1 November 2009

Sisley phyto star eye palette and black diamond collection

Ever since BritishBeautyBlogger featured the phyto star eye palette on her blog I have eyed it up every time I flounce past the Sisley counter. The SA I do not like was not there and instead I was approached by one with a really pleasant attitude with no hard sell at all and who was happy to help show me the range. I noticed there was a black diamond makeup pouch set whereby you basically get an eyeliner for free, obviously I couldn’t cope with the temptation so got this as well. The quad (£54.50) contains all shimmery shades, delicate white (this is not harsh or chalky), pink, and a smokey green and purple.

They are not the softest shadows I have tried but they blend effortlessly. I really like the colour combination and there is just a little something extra special about these once applied. When I first swatched them instore I thought they were rather sheer but applied onto the eye they come out a lot more pigmented. Out of all the products I bought in October I think this is my star buy.
The black diamond gift set contains phyto-mascara ultra volume in so black, phyto-lip star in rose quartz and phyto-khol star in black diamond. This costs £61 so if the eyeliner is free by my reckoning that must make the Mascara about £30 + and the lipgloss just under £30. This easily makes these the most expensive mascara and lipgloss I have used.
The mascara gives really good length and quite good curl, it does not flake or smudge and you can apply multiple coasts without clumpy, I also noticed that when I touched my lashes they felt soft which I found odd as I have never come across this with a mascara before. The downside, it gives me no volume, which is strange given its title. If this was cheaper I would re-buy it but for the price I would expect it to give me volume as well. The lipgloss is a really easy to wear shimmery neutral rose. It’s not a unique colour. It’s slightly sticky and wears the same as your average gloss, I don’t find it any better than cheaper glosses I have. I am not a fan of pencil eyeliners, I can never get a neat line and nor can I get them close to the lash. This does perform better for me, its quite soft but not overly so and you can get a nice deep black with a tiny bit of sparkle. I’ve no idea how much this costs so would only buy another shade depending on price.
I've done a quick look below using all the colours, the flash has washed it out a bit so it is brighter in real life. Its a real raining dark day here in the UK so my pictures have not come out that great so I may well re-take them at a later stage.


  1. I tried Sisley mascaras before and for the price they should be amazing. Actualy I tried two from Sisley, they only sell the second because the SA said was much better then the other one, as if was amazing. Actualy the first one was really bad.
    Yes they nurshing the lashes, what is actualy a great plus, but then in performance/drama is just subtle.
    The new YSL is amzing, the real thing for me!!

  2. the shades in the palette look so soft and pretty, thanks for the review and swatches xo

  3. What a pretty quad, different from the other seasonal shadows I've seen around, it looks very nice on you, as far as I can has been bad here too, so I understand perfectly well the difficulties of photographing anything in this poor light! Pity about the mascara...perhaps you could give that to you boy to play with! Then again, you wouldn't want him to accidentally stick the wand in his eye, so bad suggestion...sorry! xx

  4. Hello Gabriela,
    I was wondering whether to try the new YSL, faux cils went a bit clumpy on me and dried up in a month so I have been hesitant to try YSL again but I have heard good things about the new one.

    Hello Em,
    It is a really pretty palette, I will try and take some better pictures though :)

    Hi Anna,
    Since I have moved I can't quite find a good spot to take my pictures from ,very annoying ! You are rigt about it being different to the other collections on offer, I hadn't thought about that.
    I don't want to think about him being able to open a mascara tube, he is not quite at that stage, luckily :) he did swipe one of my Illamasqua brushes the other day as I was using it and he put the brush end straight in his mouth..yum !!!

  5. I do like Sisley eyeshadows. The greenish one in that quad also comes as a single, and I much prefer it to the raved about Erika F from Lancome.

    I have one of the sparkle liners in khaki/bronze, and I like it a lot.

    It does look lovely on you. x

  6. Thanks Grace, there never seems to be much talk about Sisley makeup, quite difficult trying to find reviews.


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