Saturday 28 November 2009

Lipstick Queen 15 Minutes of Fame Kit and Saint Pink Lipstick

I finally got round to buying some Lipstick Queen. I got the 15 Minutes of Fame Mini Lip Gloss Kit- Nudes (£21.53, from Space NK). Upon receiving this I though I had been sent the berries kit instead as the colours are not what I would term “Nude”. The set contains Minute 1 (baby pink), 3 (slightly bright pink), 4 (pinky/brown), 12 (rose) and 13(reddy pink). This is a really cute set and would make a nice Christmas present.
These glosses are non-shimmery and have very good colour payoff. They last well for a gloss and have quite a thick creamy almost cushiony texture. They come in a click style packaging with a brush applicator (think Stila lip glaze). Personally I find them too tacky/sticky and that’s the only reason I won’t be buying anymore. Please click below swatches to enlarge.
Grace from had recommended the Saint pink lipstick to me, as we like similar things I had no hesitation in ordering this shade unseen. The colour is a pink (would you believe) it has no other discernible undertone and would be what I would describe as a true natural pink. Its not bright, and although described as a sheer lipstick I find this more pigmented that other brands “Sheer” lipsticks. It feels comfortable on, not dry nor overly creamy and wears quite well. This cost £16.15 at Space NK.


  1. Thanks for posting this, I've been dying for real life pictures/swatches of this set. I have Pink Saint and it's the only lipstick I have from Lipstick Queen b/c it was the most natural. I just found your blog and love it. Don't know why I didn't discover it sooner! I live by your Armani notepad on MUA.

  2. Hello! I'm back! Before you ask, my shopping trip was quite disgraceful really, I bought very little as we concentrated on doing things that would keep my little boy amused (he also got a bit of a fever, poor baby!), but will post what I managed to buy soon! I didn't venture inside a SpaceNK this time, so I didn't have a chance to check out Lipstick Queen. I agree with you though, I own Saint Coral and it's not really sheer, is it?? Saint Pink looks very pretty though! As do the glosses, though I really can't understand how they could have called this a Nude kit! xx

  3. Hi Lina,
    Thanks ! I probably need to update my Armani notepad at some point. Glad you like it, I love your site, amongst other things it has been a great resource for Le Metier De Beaute, as I think it really hard to find reviews on that brand.

    Hi Anna,
    Welcome back!! Sorry to hear your little boy got ill, hope he is better now. I think if you managed to buy anything with a little one in tow you did well, I usually have to speed shop with mine so tend to buy my makeup online when he is asleep ! Will look forward to see what you got xx

  4. Gorgeous colours. I'm not usually into Lipstick Queen, the swatches made me want to try it now...

  5. Hi - the nudes aren't really very nude at all, are they? It's a nice way to try a few colours though.

    I'm glad you like the Saint Pink; her sheers aren't very sheer, I'd say the Butterfly Ball lipsticks are sheerer than these. Lovely colours, and this is one of the few pale-ish pinks I can wear.

  6. I was introduced to Lipstick Queen by Grace London. Making a trip to an exclusive make up shop outside Toronto for a buying trip with my fellow spa traveller Tracey. Will post our haul on our blog. Looking forward to trying Medieval. Lipstick Queen doesn't ship to Canada. Where do you buy them in the UK?

  7. Hi Music,
    Its worth a look, its one of these brands I had been meaning to try for ages, but I always got sidetracked!

    Hi Grace,
    Yes,it is a good idea to try them out and a good price as well. They still don't have the Butterfly Ball or those By Terry shadow pens up yet, wish they would not have things in their catalogue that are not on their site.

    Hello Anna,
    Will look forward to your post :)I was tempted by Medieval but it was more expensive than the other items. I got them from SpaceNK, I would have thought the US spacenk site would ship to Canada ?

  8. Oooh every one of these lippies are gorgeous! I'm specially loving the second from the left.

  9. Hi Marce,
    They are very wearable shades, you'll have to put it on your christmas list :) thanks for visiting.


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