Friday, 20 November 2009

Bobbi Brown holiday disappointment UPDATE

I received another email from Bobbi Brown this week, it was from someone else saying my email had been forwarded onto them. They asked for more details so I just sent them the pictures. They said they would like to replace two of the items.
As it was only the packaging broken and I had since bought alternative gifts, I said thanks but declined the offer. Today I got an email saying they would send them anyway,so we will see.
At any rate I am a bit bemused by this,as I thought it was already done and dusted so not sure why it got forwarded onto someone else in the department. I was never after replacement products, just wanted to voice my annoyance about my stuff not been packed properly. So, guess I'll have to withdraw my moaning on this one..


  1. You shouldn't withdraw your moaning at all.

    I've been on their website and they claimed that they'd wrap it nicely for you. I saw the way you got the product and you'd never give that as a gift to someone.

    I bet the only reason they said they'd replace the stuff was because you (rightly so) kicked up a stink.

    I suppose what I'm saying is, they owe you the goods properly packed and if you had to moan to get what you contractually paid for then it's worth it.


  2. I agree. You deserve the replacement goods. They are not a drugstore brand and should stop acting like they are doing you a favor. It was there mistake. I'm so glad you never sent the gift directly to the person. This makes me so mad because the same thing happened with my wedding gift registry in macys. Three of the gifts arrived broken. Even the microwave and they were so annoying about sending me replacements. And worst of all, I found out by some of my guests that the shipping cost were really high.

  3. Hi Rhamnousia,
    Thanks for your comment, I guess I just always feel bad having a moan, I think you are right though and it was really off to not have it packaged good, as I am sure a lot of people are ordering their holiday stuff as presents.

    Hi Crissy K,
    That would have been really embarrasing had they been sent direct to the recipient. That experiance at Macy's seems really bad, you must have been so disappointed and you would expect a lot better from such a large company.


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