Saturday 7 November 2009

Updated Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick swatches

I'm just posting what is hopefully a better picture of my RBR lipstick swatch. I felt the other two where not as crisp as they should be and it really irkked me ! I need to re-do the pictures in my latest Sisley post as well but since I have moved I have lost my "good light" spot and I seem to be trying everywhere possible at the moment !
Here is the swatch, lipsticks L-R: Watch out Eve,Irreverence,Nothing Unknown, Prey of Lust, Tongue Tickles,Word of Mouth, and Know what lies Are For. Just to note Zuneta have a new RBR eyeliner on their site in the shade amethyst essence, which is meant to be a rich mid-lavender base with silver and pale blue glitter, may well have to get this.....
Please click to enlarge


  1. I must say, I like all of them, apart from, perhaps, Know What Lies Are For, but that's just because I don't think it would suit me :(( I was so tempted to get Word of Mouth...don't know why I didn't in the end! But perhaps, when I get the eyeliner (how can one resist a product with that description??) I'll add that on as well! Thanks for the swatches, xx

  2. Hi Anna,
    Yes, I think know what lies are for could be a bit too brown on some, I have to say I have not worn word of mouth much as I do tend to shy away from anything in the red family but it is the most wearable red toned lipstick I have found so far. I think I will have to get the eyeliner as well, sounds so pretty, wish they weren't so expensive though!

  3. Thanks for the swatches, I really like the look of Irreverence and Tongue Tickles. Oh RBR is *such* a temptation... perhaps Christmas!

  4. Hi Lipglossiping,
    Christmas would be the perfert time ! You'll have to add some RBR to your list :) They are such easy to wear shades, I think RBR is nearly my favourite brand. Thanks for your comment.

  5. How would you describe Know What LIes Are For? I have a sample of Prey of Lust and like that but wonder if I would like Know What Lies Are For.

    Thank you so much..

  6. Hi Ammie,
    Know what Lies are for is very different to Prey of Lust. Know what lies are for is more brown based, its more of a nude beige colour, it doesn't have the bit of pink that Prey of Lust has. Hope that helps :)


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