Wednesday 12 May 2010

Chantecaille Les Dauphin Palette

I finally gave in and bought the limited edition Les Dauphins Palette. Priced at a hefty £79, the way I see it, the normal eye shadow/blushers are £23 each and I know when I bought a 8 pan empty palette a few years back if cost me a upsetting £42 so I imagine that the 3 pans must be about £20 now and this is a refillable 4 pan, anyhow that’s my feeble attempt to justify the price.

The palette comes in a darker case than normal, more of a gunmetal colour. The mirrored palette contains 3 eye shadows, and one blush. Each pan is split into a lighter and darker tone. Each pan is embossed with dolphin engravings (five percent of the sale will be donated to help save dolphins in Greece); with a shimmery over spray, which wore off after two uses.
Here is the palette without the overspray
On me the eyeshades are a slightly pink beige base/sheer white pink highlighter, two taupe shades (more brown than grey) and a medium grey/deeper slate grey.
Chantecaille shadows have a fine, smooth, easy to blend texture; the only thing I find is that if I blend too much I seem to blend the colour away.
Your not getting intense pigment from these eyeshadows but it gives a really easy to wear neutral day time look. The finish is a slight sheen/shimmer.
Whilst you can use each eyeshade pan separately, I use the blusher swirled together as I don’t have a bizarre tiny blusher brush. On my pale skin the blusher is quite a strong warm pink.
Swatch below, the lighter, then darker shade and then both combined
Overall if you love your neutrals and taupes and like the Chantecaille formula I think this is worth the splurge.

I bought this from SpaceNK (


  1. Japonesque 324 is a nice fluffy brush that fit stila blushes (and other tiny pans!) It's also great for sweeping a quick wash of eyeshadow onto lids.

  2. It looks so beautiful, but I still balk at the price...:-)

  3. Guess which part of the palette instantly caught my eye? Still, for that price, as pretty as it looks and with the plus of the 5% for the lovely dolphins, I still think I can do without! Missed you, xx

  4. That palette is so pretty but eeek i could never ever afford it!

  5. I bought it and although it's lovely to look at, I wish it had more pigmentation.

  6. i do not need this, i do not need who am i kidding. that thing is gorgeous!!

  7. Hi Peachgirl,
    Thanks for the rec, I've never tried Japonesque so will make a note of that.

    Hi Nina,
    Yes,I tried not to think about it too much before submitting my order :)

    Hi Anna,
    You no doubt have similar, I'm not good and controlled like you :) Glad to have you back x

    Hi Lillian,
    I know SpaceNK stores usually have limited edition Chantecaille on sale sometimes, in case you live near one :)

    Hi Ammie,
    I know what you mean, its funny that their eyeshadows are never very well pigmented but their blushers are usually too much pigment for me.

    Hello Luv2smilexo,
    :) I think I don't "need" over half of my collection really, I just cannot resist! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I'm more tempted by this than I have been by the LE palettes that are all in one pan (like the coral reef one). I have resisted though! I wish they wouldn't overspray, I'd much rather see the colour I'm buying straight off. It is a lovely colour combination though.


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