Wednesday 19 May 2010

Guerlain Ombre Eclat Mono Eyeshadow

I really like the look of the Guerlain dazzling radiance summer collection, so went to the counter to have a look. Unfortunately I was informed that its not out till June for those of us in the UK.
I was a bit deflated as I was really looking forward to seeing the collection but appeased myself by picking up two of the single eye shadows.
Although I have had a few of the quads, this is the first time I have tried the singles. I picked up 160 l'instant coquin and 180 l'instant fume, £19 each.
Shade 180 is a beautiful taupe, more on the grey side. Although I have similar shades I don’t have anything quite like it, and this has fast become one of my favourite shades.
In the store shade 160 looked like a sheer pink with a peach iridescent to it, once home however its actually a sheer pink matte. There is nothing wrong with the shade, its just not what I thought it was (I wonder if someone had transferred some colour of another of the shadows into the tester when swatching and that’s why it looked so different).
The one thing I noticed with these shadows is that unlike the quads the texture feels a bit dry, although they don’t look at all dry when applied (you get a nice smooth look). Other than that I really like these, true to colour and they last extremely well, I will definitely be checking out the other 4 singles that are released with the summer collection.


  1. You're one step ahead of me!
    I have some shopping time scheduled for tomorrow, and the single in "L'instant d'un reve" is firmly on the list. I saw some swatches over at Cafe Makeup and promptly fell in love with it...a beautiful brown taupe that is just crying to come home with me.

  2. I've had the same experience with testers being slightly different than the actual purchased product. When I tested Chantecaille Raffia at SpakeNk, it definitely had a pink shimmer. At home it has none. I've been back to the store several times since and the tester always has a pink shimmer!

  3. L'instant fumè looks really really nice, something I could easily wear day in day out! Out of the summer collection I think I'd personally choose L'instant d'un baiser, if only for the name!! To tell you the truth, I find the quads beautiful to look at and smooth to apply but with not enough colour payoff, I'm always a bit disappointed. Perhaps the fact that the singles are drier would be a bonus for me...Hey, one more to go (you know what I mean ;))) xx

  4. Hi Nina,
    Thanks for saying about that Cafe makeup site,she has great pictures/swatches. I think I too "need" L’Instant d’un Rêve...... and perhaps the other three,oh and the quad...

    Hi SB,
    Glad its not just me then, annoying though if you are buying an expensive brand, makes you wonder if everyone who bought Raffia from that store was a bit miffed when they got it home :)

    Hello Anna,
    I do think you would really like L'instant fumè. I know what you mean about the quads, but I don't possess the common sense to stop buying them...I know what you mean,can't decide what to give though,have you thought of something ?

  5. I love L'instant fumè !! I got this in a swap and have been using is as my go-to shadow. It matches well with most eyeliner colors and on me comes out neutral with a rather classy sheen.

  6. Hi Zulfa,

    It is such a lovely shade, I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it.


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