Wednesday 5 May 2010

L’Occitane Peony makeup collection

L’Occitane has recently released a limited edition makeup collection. Its inspired by the colours and varieties of peony flowers, all the products are free from parabens and the casing is made from FSC cardboard. All the items are Peony scented.

I went into a L’Occitane store and was greeted by an SA, I noticed that the Peony display was missing some items (one of the lipsticks and all the eyeshadows) and inquired when they would get them in, she replied that she had no idea, and it might not be for quite some time, it did seem strange to launch a limited edition collection and not release all the products at the same time.
I said to her I was just going to have a look at the colours, she did not leave my side. I picked up the Etoile des neiges Illuminating Powder and swatched it (it was very pale, not much colour pay off) and she asked if I wanted to try the products on instead, I said no it was fine, I just wanted to have a look so I could decide what to buy. I didn’t feel like I could swatch anymore, maybe this is something L’Occitane discourage? She still did not leave my side, I said ok, thanks, I’ll just get a few things, still she did not move, so I just grabbed some stuff but wasn’t able to have a proper look. I wanted to look at the lip balm and lip and cheek tint really but felt quite uncomfortable with her standing right next to me not saying anything.
In the end I bought lipsticks (£12.50 each) in Mme Louis Henry Lipstick (very sheer peach with slight pink tone and non gritty microglitter) and Paeonia ( sheer but bright pop of cool toned pink).

The formula is really nice; it’s very comfortable, smooth, lightweight and not drying. As there is a bit of slip to these they aren’t long lasting.

I also bought Marie Rivière Liquid Shine Lip Colour(£11.50) a pink with golden shimmer, this goes on a lot more sheer that it appears in the tube and I only get a hint of colour, I think its best worn over a lipstick.
The formula is not overly heavy but there is a bit of stickiness/tackiness to it, although this does make it last better.

Lastly I picked up the Hélène Facecolour Powder (£12.50) this is a sheer ivory base with golden shimmer. Its not an intense highlighter and looks like a sheen rather than full on shimmer. The texture is really smooth; I use it on cheeks and eyes.

Swatches (L-R):Mme Louis Henry,Paeonia,Marie Rivière, Hélène

Overall it’s a pretty collection for a soft natural look. I’m pleased with all the items, although I would have probably gone for a darker shine lip colour. I think the pricing fits well with the rest of the L’Occitane range. Where it not for the SA I’m sure I would have picked up some more.


  1. They hover in the L'Occitane in Covent Garden too - I find it really annoying. I do really like the look of that Helen face colour.

  2. Shame about the shopping experience - I think this range looks gorgeous tho. x

  3. Hi Grace,

    I think you would like it, I'm more for natural looking highlighters rather than over the top shimmer/glitter and this fits the bill nicely.

    Hi Charlie,

    Yes, think I may shop online in future :) its a very easy to wear subtle range, fits well with the brand image. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Those lipsticks look lovely. What a shame about the SA, you did better than I would have done. I can't abide hovering and would have disappeared without managing to pick anything up!

  5. Hi ModestyBrown,

    Well, I don't like to let anything get in the way of me and my makeup :) I'll be interested to see how well the range does as it doesn't seem to have interested many people judging by other blogs.


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