Sunday 23 May 2010

Miller Harris and Molton Brown shower bliss

Miller and Harris are one of those brands I kept meaning to buy but never got round to, guess I’m easily distracted. I finally ordered the shower gel in Fleur Oriental (£18).
I have to mention the beautiful packaging and box; I really like the intricate design and think it stands out from quite a lot of other brands.
The scent is rich, warm and comforting. The scent is described as a “re-interpretation of the Oriental family, a base of amber, vanilla and musk, which is lightened and animated by fresh orange flower, heliotrope, spicy carnation and Turkish rose.” To my nose it also smells a bit patchouli-based.
It feels light on but is wonderfully moisturising (this maybe due to the olive oil). I would love to try some of the perfumes but ordering them online without ever having sniffed them would probably be foolish, shame they don’t sell sample packs. At any rate I’ll be buying some more MH shower gels, as they are a nice indulgence.

I bought this from bathandunwind but they also have their own online store,

Although I like a lot of the Molton brown shower gels, quite a few of them make my sensitive skin itch. This is not the case with the new for spring and limited edition Fairy Fleur (£17). This is a beautiful clean scent, mixing a crisp green freshness with a soft floral. I’ll be picking up another one before they disappear from the shelves.

I bought this from my local store but if you are ordering enough to qualify for free delivery I think it better to order from the website as they always put in a good sized sample and I find the store never does.


  1. I've always loved the Miller Harris packaging, it really does stand out with strong graphics and colours...I once tried on a perfume that I liked but I really can't remember what it was, so I can't suggest it to you, I skipped buying it for the price (it costs loads here in Italy as it's a very niche brand!). As for Molton Brown, this is already on my UK shopping list, I love the name and the bottle, hope I like the scent!! I have fond memories of Molton Brown products, they remind me of my honeymoon! xx

  2. Hi Anna,

    I bet that shopping list is ridiculously long :)
    We never got to have a honeymoon, how sad is that!


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